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Lauri Korpela & Marde: Sandlands: A King Is Born 1 – Who We Are

The Gamma desert, colloquially as The Sandlands, is a harsh place inhabited by tribes known as the ‘Old Folk’.

For centuries, they have kept their traditions untouched separate from the ‘New Folk’, but a change is on its way to shake their peaceful, nomadic existence.
A change that will rock the very foundations of Sandlands.

Old Folk sisters Bo Jang and Bo Lin visit the oasis of the esteemed shaman for Bo Lin’s initiation.

Back at their camp, the old clashes with the new. A caravan is in conflict looking for a missing member while being pursued by an unknown group and a sandstorm threatens the old folk settlement.
Jerry Scot & Jim Borgman: Jere 1 – Murkun merkit

Murrosikä on tuttu ilmiö paitsi murkuille itselleen ja heidän vanhemmilleen, myös kaikille hyvämuistisille aikuisille.

Jere on tämän ikäluokan tyylipuhdas edustaja, jolle 15 vuoden iässä tärkeintä on, ettei ole 14.

Jeren kansainvälinen suosio ei perustu mahdottomuuksiin, vaan mikä vielä hullumpaa, silkkoihin tosiasioihin. Ihmisen kasvua ja kasvatusta voi ja usein jopa täytyy tarkastella humoristisesta näkökulmasta.

2. painos.

Jerry Scot & Jim Borgman: Jere 2 – Teinitärinää

Jere on tavallisen perheen tavallinen murrosikäinen nuorukainen, jolle kaverit ja rento elämänasenne ovat kaikki kaikessa.

Isä ja äiti yrittävät pysyä teininsä perässä parhaan kykynsä mukaan, mikä tunnetusti vaatii pitkää pinnaa ja soveltamiskykyä.

Kitara, futis ja coca-cola, mitä muuta teini voisi elämältään kaivata?

1. painos.

Jerry Scot & Jim Borgman: Jere 4 – Silmäpeliä

Mistä on teinipojat tehty?

Suusta päässeistä sammakoista, koirankujeista, suurista luuloista.
Niistä on teinipojat tehty.

Mistä on teinitytöt tehty?

Sokeria makeammista teinipoikien toiveunista.

Niistä on teinitytöt tehty.

1. painos

Jerry Scot & Jim Borgman: Jere 5 – Kimpassa?

Kuusitoista vuotta täyttävä Jere on kelvannut miljoonille ystävilleen ympäri maailmaa sellaisena kuin on.

Mutta kysymyksistä tärkein selviää tässä albumissa: kelpaako hän vihdoin Saaralle?

1. painos.


Jerry Scot & Jim Borgman: Jere 7 – Riski ryhmä

Jere ja Hector päättävät keksiä itselleen kesätöitä.

Kansainväliset kalalammikot -yritys kuitenkin osoittaa, että rahan ansaitseminen on kovan työn takana.
Jerelle paljastuu katkera totuus: toisin kuin rokkitähdet, kaikki aikuiset eivät tienaakaan miljoonia.

Mukana riskinhallinnassa myös muut Jere-albumeista tutut riskit ryhmäläiset.

1. painos.

Jerry Scot & Jim Borgman: Jere 10 – Pyörillä päästään

Teinipojan fyysinen jousto- ja venymiskyky hämmentävät vanhempia, joilta edellytetään vastaavia henkisiä ominaisuuksia enemmän kuin koskaan.

Kaikkien isien ja äitien tapaan Jeren keski-iässä riutuvat vanhukset pelkäävät moraalinkin liiallista venyvyyttä.

Tässä tulee Jeren kymppialbumi, muutenkin kuin järjestysnumeroltaan!

1. painos.



Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russel: Norse Mythology 2

In this second volume, Gaiman and Russell once more team with a legendary collection of artists to bring more Norse myths to life, including the origins of poetry and a mead that many will die for, Thor and Loki’s eventful trip into the land of giants, the gods’ woeful bargain that might lose them eternal life, and the beloved god Frey’s journey to Valhalla and beyond to find a certain missing something.

Collects Norse Mythology II #1­-#6, featuring art by Matt Horak, Mark Buckingham, Gabriel Hernández Walta, and Sandy Jarrell in a beautiful hardcover volume with dust jacket!

Strange Worlds 1

Avon calling, kiddies!

Yes, Avon’s mesmerizing Strange Worlds is available for the first time ever in our handy SOFTEE format!

With five – yes, count ’em – five variant covers available for you to collect!

So the same book but with five different covers!
We’ve got two covers by Gene Fawcette, two by Wally Wood, and one by Everett Raymond Kinstler.

Volume One features the talents of Gene Fawcette, Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Jon Small, John Giunta, Wally Wood, Walter Palais, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Sid Greene, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Roy Krenkel, Howard Larsen, Joe Orlando, Rafael Astarita, Charles Sultan, George Tuska, Norman Nodel, and Ed Goldfarb.

Collects Strange Worlds #1-5 (November 1950-November 1951).

Sergio Aragonés: Groo Meets Tarzan

A bumbling barbarian encounters the cunning lord of the jungle, but will Groo wind up destroying the jungle itself or teaming up with Tarzan to fight slavers?

With cartoonist Sergio lost and running from hungry lions in Chula Vista’s Jungle Safari Land and script writer Mark doing panels all day at Comic-Con International, how will this comic get finished?

Legendary Tarzan artist Thomas Yeates swings in to help!

Plus–the legendary Rufferto backup strips from the comic series and an introduction by Mark Evanier are also included!
The confident lord of the jungle meets the dangerous master of cheese dip!

Collects Groo Meets Tarzan comics #1 to #4.

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 1

PS Artbooks presents another Silver Age Classic with this find straight from the Charlton vaults – Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds, which mixes a concoction of fantastic fantasy-supernatural tales and mind blowing science fiction stories from a roster of writers and artists that includes the truly remarkable and now late and lamented Steve Ditko together with Bill Molno, Dick Giordano, Charles Nicholas, and Rocco Mastroserio.

All here, reproduced completely from cover to cover as they should be, just like the original comic!

Collects Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #1-5 (August 1956 – October 1957).

Matthew Thurber: Mr. Colostomy

Are we not all criminals–eating our take-out, foraging for mushrooms, lapping at puddles?

What happens when sleep becomes commodified?
What if all the people at your local café were piloting drone strikes? What is the hidden cost and darkness of the society we must all engage with?

Mr. Colostomy opens up cans of worms faster than they can restock the Goya on your bodega shelves.

Who is Mr. Colostomy?
Why, he’s a manifestation of a searching consciousness, a marginally employable horse detective who sleeps outside, standing up.
As he attempts to unravel a ridiculous plot that follows the disappearance of a couple of brats who turn into atomic particles after sundown, Mr. Colostomy remains always alien, a mutant mustang, an eccentric equus who might just be trying to make a buck in Babytown, the Babylon built by babes–or, is a more sinister plot a-hoof?

The surreal comedy of Mr. Colostomy is enhanced by Thurber’s process of creating the comic through parapraxis, meaning with no forethought or pencilling.
This comic honours the mistake as the desired or hidden expression of the unconscious. All that matters is that the comic is funny or real or neither!

All comics were created in a public space in order to “swim in” or “feel” the audience.

Dick Briefer: Frankenstein – The Prize Comics Years 1

Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein for Prize Comics is widely regarded as being America’s first ongoing horror series.

Indeed, it was Briefer’s work that probably caused the creature to be actually named as Frankenstein instead of the nameless monstrosity from Shelley’s novel.

Splitting the stories between the twin stools of humor and horrorm Briefer’s tales are absorbing and unsettling in equal parts.
Some of the humorous material has already been reprinted, though not necessarily in order nor in total. Until now, of course!

Reprints Prize Comics stories issues #7-37 (December 1940-December 1943).

Steven Philip Jones & Rob Davis: H.P. Lovecraft – The Picture in the House

Lorraine Claude is fascinated with the morbid and weird, and she has turned this into a career as a publisher of lurid non-fiction.

However a new novel from one of her most popular authors, Pytr Knoll, has her captivated.
The book deals with ghastly events committed in secluded New England farm houses since the days of the Puritans.

Intrigued, Claude decides to drive into the countryside and explore one of these farmhouses.
This Lovecraft tale is adapted by award winning comic writer Steven Philip Jones.

In addition to the comic book adaptation this volume also contains the original Lovecraft published story as written by him.

Brain Boy 1

Brain Boy by the amazing Frank Springer (best known for Marvel Comics’ Dazzler and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is a heady mix of superhero, fantasy, supernatural, horror, suspense, science fiction and spy adventures!

Brain Boy aka Matt Price Jr. works for the “Organisation of Active Anthropologists,” in reality a special counter-intelligence branch of the U.S Secret Service that fights Communists and aliens.

Brain Boy read minds, use telekinesis to lift objects or make himself fly, control minds, alter emotional states, and was also super intelligent.

However, using his powers took a lot of mental energy, especially when facing another telepath and he could become exhausted quickly.

Collects Brain Boy issues [Four Color] #1330 -#2 & #3 (April/June 1962 – February 1963), plus Ziff Davis’ Space Busters #1 & #2 (Spring – Fall 1952).

Terry Moore: Serial 2 – Cat & Mouse

When Zoe’s friend falls victim to a serial killer, Zoe vows to find the killer before the police and deliver her own razor-edged justice.

But the clever killer continues to leave a trail of bodies behind her, eluding the law and staying one step ahead of Zoe.

Following the clues, Zoe discovers the identity of the killer and the chase is on as the killer grabs her final victim and runs.

It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse between two clever serial killers face off in a stunning conclusion!

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 3

PS Artbooks presents the Silver Age Classic Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds Volume 3.

With a superb concoction of fantastic fantasy-supernatural and horror tales and mind blowing science fiction stories from a roster of writers and artists that includes the truly remarkable one man creative genius and now late lamented Steve Ditko together with the creative talents of Bill Molno, Paul Reinman, Ernie Hart, Matt Baker, Charles Nicholas and Bill Fraccio.

All here, reproduced completely from cover to cover as they should be – just like the original comic!

Collects Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #11-15 (January-October 1959).

Classic Science Fiction Comics 4

PS Artbooks presents Classic Sci-Fi Comics Volume 4 including Lost Worlds, Zip Jet and Space Mysteries, all reproduced completely from cover to cover, just like the original comics and absolutelly crammed with the cream of 1950’s comic book talent including John Celardo, Ross Andru, Jack Katz, Nick Cardy, Alex Toth, Rocco Mastroserio, Art Saaf, Ruben Moreira, Art Pinajian, Al Plastino, Ralph Mayo, Carl Burgos and Russ Heath.

Don’t hang around for too long; these beauties they won’t be in orbit forever!

Collects Lost Worlds #5-6 (1952), Zip Jet #1-2 (1953), and Space Mysteries #1 (1958).



Sarjari 113 – Metsä

Johanna Sinisalo & Hannu Mänttäri: Tiskivuoro
Sini Sisättö: Mielikuvaharjoitus
Mikael Salo: Satu Sammalkorpi – “Some Girls Wander by Mistake”
Jussi Heinonen: Pieni epifania
Annastia Sonné: Inkku-Pinkku mehtätiellä
Krisse Tuominen: Metsälammen avaruushaahka
Aura Ijäs: Myyrä
Aleksi Siirtola: Metsän menomestat
Ruth Johansson: Krokodiili
Krisse Tuominen: Metsähavaintoja
Juho Sihvonen: Varjoisa maa
Krisse Tuominen: Tarujen kadonnut metsä
Markku Myllymäki: Sydänmetsä
Harri István Mäki
P.A. Manninen: Jos metsään haluat mennä nyt
Vesa-Heikki Hietanen: Kuplivaa elämää
Kansi: Mikael Salo

Sarjainfo #194-195 (1-2/2022)


Sisältää mm.

• Kansi ja pääjuttu: Janne Kukkonen
• Jenna Oldén ja Riina Tanskanen
• Sami Kivelä
• Riad Sattouf
• Kerrassaan merkillisten herrasmiesten liiga
• Martin Rowson
• Norjalaiset pilapiirrokset
• Naji al-Ali ja Handala
• Sarjakuva ja siirtolaisuus
• Sarjakuva: Warda Ahmed
• Vuoden 2021 parhaat sarjakuvat
• 23 arviota, mm.: Marko Turunen, Matti Hagelberg, Derf Backderf

Heavy Metal #314

The first of four interconnected covers by the master illustrator Kim Jung Gi.

The saga of Adrienne James continues Heavy Metal’s “female Indiana Jones in space!”, by Matthew Medney and Bruce Edwards with Santa Fung!

The conclusions of the small-town horror of Savage Circus by Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo and the space saga of Darkwing by Medney and Ponce.

A new installment of Ron Marz’ and Armitano’s Swamp God, and the debut of Death Defied by Joe Harris!

Vampiress Carmilla #8

Vampiress Carmilla #8 revives the iconic Warren illustrated horror magazines by replicating Warren’s early page layouts and publishing new, classic styled work by original Warren artists, writers and editors.

Each issue is a highly collectible instant classic!



Gilbert Hernandez & Jaime Hernandez: Love and Rockets #11

As we learned in issue #10, so now Maggie and Tonta are buddies! Or are they?

And where is Vivian (besides spellbinding us on the cover)??
Hell, even Jaime wants to know!

Meanwhile, in the Gilbert Cinematic Universe, Rosy goes to her first comic con with Venus, while a female webcammer with the world’s biggest biceps (?) joins the cast!

Love and Rockets: still the GoaT!

Vampiress Carmilla 2023 Annual

The Vampiress Carmilla 2023 Annual recreates the iconic Warren horror annuals popular in the 60’s and 70’s by emulating Warren’s early page layouts.

This Annual edition collects of the best stories from the first year of Vampiress Carmilla in a perfect bound collector’s edition.

Each issue of Vampiress Carmilla is a highly collectible instant classic!