Sarjakuvavisa 17/2017

Tämä on jokaviikkoinen sarjakuvavisa.
Oletko naapurustosi Marvel-tosiuskovainen, mangamaanikko, DC-fanittaja tai muuten vaan tiedät kaiken?
Testaa itsesi!

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Sarjakuvavisa 16/2017

Tämä on jokaviikkoinen sarjakuvavisa.
Oletko naapurustosi Marvel-tosiuskovainen, mangamaanikko, DC-fanittaja tai muuten vaan tiedät kaiken?
Testaa itsesi!

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Sarjakuvavisa 15/2017

Tämä on jokaviikkoinen sarjakuvavisa.
Oletko naapurustosi Marvel-tosiuskovainen, mangamaanikko, DC-fanittaja tai muuten vaan tiedät kaiken?
Testaa itsesi!

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Sarjakuvavisa 13/2017

Tämä on jokaviikkoinen sarjakuvavisa.
Oletko naapurustosi Marvel-tosiuskovainen, mangamaanikko, DC-fanittaja tai muuten vaan tiedät kaiken?
Testaa itsesi!

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Turun Sarjakuvakaupan uutuuksia viikolla 13/2017

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie: The Wicked + The Divine 4 – Rising Action

Every ninety years, twelve gods are reincarnated as young people.

They are loved.

They are hated.

And sometimes – just sometimes – they fall into open Superstar wars.

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie: Phonogram 1 – Rue Britannia

Britannia is ten years dead.

Phonomancer David Kohl hadn’t spared his old patron a thought for almost as long… at which point his mind starts to unravel.

Can he discover what’s happened to the Mod-Goddess of Britpop while there’s still something of himself left?

A dark modern-fantasy in a world where music is magic, where a song can save your life, or end it.

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie: Phonogram 2 – The Singles Club

The second series of Phonogram separates itself from the frenzied mob of adoring critics just long enough to transform into this handsome collected volume.

Seven individual-yet-interconnected stories set in a single night in a single club, each staring a young phonomancer, each exploring a different mystery of music and magic.

Includes a cover gallery and ‘Making Of’ extras.
We’ve put you on the guest list. Don’t be late. This is one night you’ll never forget.

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie: Phonogram 3 – The Immaterial Girl

The creators of the award-winning THE WICKED + THE DIVINE return to their founding critical smash-hit, PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL.

In a world where music is magic, phonomancer Emily Aster sold half her personality for power.

Now, after a decade of brittle perfection, the deal starts to go bad as the girl behind the screen comes looking for revenge. You’ll never look at the “Take On Me” video the same ever again.

Includes copious “making of” material.

Moritz Stetter: Luther

Tarinan alussa vuonna 1505 nuori opiskelija on palaamassa lomalta vanhempiensa luota.

Käytyään puun varjoon lepäämään nuorukainen torkahtaa, mutta herää kohta salamaniskuun ja hirvittäviin tuomiopäivää enteileviin näkyihin.
Kauhistunut matkalainen rukoilee apua Pyhältä Annalta ja lupaa: ”Jos annat minun elää, ryhdyn munkiksi!” Pian rajuilma tyyntyy ja Martti täyttää lupauksensa.

Mutta kaikki ei ole vain suurta graafisesti leiskuvaa draamaa. Moritz Stetter valottaa myös näitä tapahtumia edeltävää historiaa. Tärkeintä on tietenkin se, mitä tuosta kaikesta seurasi. Reformaation eli uskonpuhdistuksen juhlavuotena on hyvä tutustua kirkkohistoriallisen mullistuksen takana olevaan mieheen, josta – kuten useimmista merkkihenkilöistä kautta aikojen – on paljon vääriä käsityksiä.

Sarjakuva-albumi kuvaa vaikuttavasti 500 vuoden takaista saksalaista yhteiskuntaa ja henkistä ilmapiiriä, joka johti luterilaisen kirkon syntyyn.

Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows: Providence Act 1

Due to overwhelming demand, we offer one final printing of the Providence Act 1 Hardcover!

Alan Moore’s quintessential horror series has set the standard for a terrifying reinvention of the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
It is being universally hailed as one of Moore’s most realized works in which the master scribe has controlled every iota of the story, art, and presentation.
The result has been a masterpiece like no other and a true must-have addition to his essential works in the field.
We present a collected Providence Act 1 Hard Cover edition that contains Providence issues #1-4, and all the back matter, in this one-time printing of the edition.
There will be Act 2 and Act 3 Hardcovers in the coming months, also limited to single production runs.
This will not be kept in print any further and this is the final opportunity to get a hardcover edition of the first chapter of Alan Moore’s horror masterpiece.

Terry Moore: How to Draw – 5 Lessons for the Serious Comic Artist

Terry Moore’s How To Draw is a treasure trove of answers and insights into the challenges facing today’s comic artist.

With a focus on information not found in other “How To” books, these chapters cover the secrets of drawing the female form, expressions, beauty, funny and preparing your book for print or digital publishing.

From pencils to Photoshop, print to digital, Moore shares his own observations, techniques, and templates developed during the creation of his award-winning comics Strangers In Paradise, Echo, and Rachel Rising.

Marguerite Bennett & Rafael de Latorre: Animosity 1 – The Wake

One day, for no reason, the Animals woke up.

They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking REVENGE.

Collecting the first four issues of the best-selling series, plus the special one-shot issue ANIMOSITY: THE RISE.

The world is plunged into chaos as the newly-intelligent Animals fight humanity, and simply fight each other, for their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
In the midst of the turmoil is Jesse, an 11-year-old girl, and her dog, Sandor, who is devoted to her and her protection. One year after the incident, Jesse and Sandor begin a cross-country journey to find Jesse’s half-brother, Adam, who is living in San Francisco.

Jim Zub & Edwin Huang: Skullkickers 1 – 1000 Opas and a Dead Body

Two nameless mercenaries are mashing monsters and making a name for themselves.

Image’s new hit fantasy action-comedy series has gone through multiple printings of each issue released so far and is getting rave reviews from readers and critics alike.

Pick up the first collection and find out what all the excitement is about.

Jim Zub & Edwin Huang: Skullkickers 2 – Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood

The second SKULLKICKERS adventure is a wondrous tornado of action-adventure: a den of thieves, a city of danger, nobility, stupidity, plant monsters, dinner parties and bloodthirsty faerie folk.

Collects SKULLKICKERS #6-11 plus Bonus Material!


Jim Zub & Edwin Huang: Skullkickers 3 – Six Shooter on the Seven Seas

The third SKULLKICKERS adventure is a tidal wave of adventure: a pirate ship of lady buccaneers, dangerous cargo, sea monsters, food fights and the strange secret of the mysterious gun at the center of the SKULLKICKERS mythos.

Jump on board and see why the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) added SKULLKICKERS to their list of “Great Graphic Novels For Teens 2012″! Collects SKULLKICKERS #12-17.

Jim Zub & Edwin Huang: Skullkickers 4 – Eighty Eyes on an Evil Island

The fourth SKULLKICKERS adventure is madcap island mayhem with tropical terror, savage stupidity, beach brawls and jungle jams alongside surprising revelations about the SKULLKICKERS mythos.

Collects SKULLKICKERS #18-23 (including the five ‘unbooted’ issues Uncanny, Savage, Mighty, All-New Secret, and Dark Skullkickers Dark).

Jim Zub & Edwin Huang: Skullkickers 5 – A Dozen Cousins and a Crumpled Crown

In this volume: The dwarf has been forcibly returned to his homeland and the deranged diminutive denizens of Dwayre will make sure it’s a homecoming like no other.

Get ready for compressed calamity, small skirmishes, truncated troubles, and pint-sized pugilism along with the history of dwarves (y’know, the “short” version). Collects SKULLKICKERS #24-29.

Jim Zub & Edwin Huang: Skullkickers 6 – Infinite Icons of the Endless Epic

In this volume the SKULLKICKERS story comes to end, but it’s not going out without a fight!

Beer, blood, and battle collide in the ultimate brawl to end it all!

“If you like action or humor, no one is doing it better than these guys.” -The Weekly Crisis

Collects SKULLKICKERS #31-33 & #100.

Sarjakuvakeskuksen perjantaipaja: Monsteri

Sarjakuvakeskuksen perjantaipajan julkaisu 1






Robotti antologia on Sarjakuvakeskuksen perjantaipajan julkaisu 2





Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti: Harley Quinn 1 – Die Laughing

Harley’s back in this new Vol. 1 graphic novel from DC Rebirth!

Her name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel-better known to her friends and enemies as Harley Quinn.
Her very-very-ex-boyfriend the Joker may be the Clown Prince of Crime, but Harley’s the Queen of Coney Island!
So when the zombie apocalypse threatens her li’l seaside stretch of paradise, who else would ya call to give the undead a blow to the head?

In these platitudinous pages, the baddest bad girl in the entire DC Universe joins forces with everyone from her gal pal Poison Ivy to the New York City punk scene to take down anyone who stands between her and a good time-living, dead or undead. Fists will fly, hammers will fall, dudes will be brutalized and the ladies will rule the night!

Joshua Williamson & Goran Sudzuka: Ghosted 1 – Haunted Heist

Jackson T. Winters is one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever live…except he’s rotting in jail after his last doomed score.

But when a filthy rich collector breaks Winters out, he’s tasked to put together an elite team of paranormal experts to do the impossible: steal a ghost from a haunted house of horrors!

Skybound’s horror/crime mash-up is equal parts Ocean’s 11 and The Shining, by writer JOSHUA WILLIAMSON (MASKS AND MOBSTERS, Captain Midnight) and artist GORAN SUDZUKA (OUTLAW NATION, Y: The Last Man)!

Joshua Williamson & Davide Gianfelice: Ghosted 2 – Books of the Dead

After his last job, Jackson Winters won his freedom.

But even now, he can’t put his very real ghosts to rest.

News of his reappearance has spread, and there are people who have waited a long time to use his peculiar talents for all the wrong reasons.


Joshua Williamson & Davide Gianfelice: Ghosted 3 – Death Wish

A magician that grants death wishes.

A biker gang that sacrifices virgins.

A supernatural black market.

It’s time for Jackson to stop running from his past and face it head on.

Joshua Williamson & Vladimir Krstic Laci: Ghosted 4 – Ghost Town

In a newly created ghost town, a portal to the afterlife has emerged—setting the stage for the greatest heist of Jackson’s career.




Fabian Rangel Jr. & Alexis Ziritt: Space Riders

From the galactic core to the outer quadrants, one name strikes terror in the hearts of evil beings everywhere: The Space Riders!

Sailing the cosmos in the Skullship Santa Muerte, Capitan Peligro and his fearless crew deal harsh justice to the scum of the galaxy while searching for the hidden truths of the universe!

Collecting the four sold out issues of the psychedelic revenge tale from the minds of Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel, Jr!

Marguerite Bennett: DC Comics Bombshells 3 – Uprising

Based on the hit DC Collectibles product line!

As World War II rages across Europe, the Allied forces issue a call to arms for the greatest heroines the world has ever known!

With an old villain arising from beyond the grave, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Kara Starikov, Kortni Duginova and Mera must aid the Allied forces while at home, a brave group of Batgirls must defend the homeland!

Star Wars Legends Epic Collection – The Old Republic 2

Daze of hate, knights of suffering!

Fugitive Zayne Carrick joins forces with the Jedi Masters who killed his fellow Padawan in a bid to save the galaxy from the Mandalorians!
But will the megalomaniac Lord Adasca outmaneuver them all?

Then, in a story that reverberates across every era of Star Wars, the clandestine Jedi Covenant is rocked by a terrifying vision of the far future — and one of its Shadows, Celeste Morne, faces the monstrous task of recovering an ancient Sith artifact!
But will Zayne Carrick achieve vindication at last, clear his name and end his days as a renegade?

Plus: the ultimate guide to the state of the galaxy 4,000 years before the rise of the Empire!

Grant Morrison’s 18 Days 1 – War Begins

From legendary creator Grant Morrison (All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, The Invisibles) comes the first chapter in his newest creation.

18 Days is the story of three generations of super-warriors, meeting for the final battle of their age, a climactic war that concludes the age of the gods and begins the age of man. Collecting the first story arc from the series.

“This is not a Lord of the Rings or a Star Wars where the good guys win because they are right. The good guys in 18 Days are forced to cheat and lie and break rules to win. Although it has fantastic, mythic trappings, this is a very modern story of realpolitik and the failure of ideals in the face of harsh truth.”
– Grant Morrison –

Rick Remender & Wes Craig: Deadly Class 5 – Carousel

It’s morning in America, and those who lived through last arc’s brutal finale barely have had time to consider what they’ve done before a new class of kids enroll in the school, eager to pick up the bloody mantle.

Sophomore survivor Saya Kuroki is given a chance to ascend in the ranks of the school’s deadliest and most ruthless students, and all it will cost her is what’s left of her humanity. RICK REMENDER & WES CRAIG present a new beginning to the dark saga of DEADLY CLASS.
Chris Claremont & Alan Davis: Excalibur Epic Collection – The Sword is Drawn

A legendary team is born!

Meet the United Kingdom’s champion, Captain Britain, and his paramour, the metamorphic Meggan!

They’ll band together with former X-Men Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde when Gatecrasher and her Technet are sent to capture Rachel “Phoenix” Summers!

From their lighthouse base, the heroes of Excalibur will tackle the ferocious Warwolves, the unstoppable Juggernaut and Mojo mayhem! Things get wild with Arcade, the Crazy Gang and the X-Babies — and really heat up as Excalibur is drawn across the Atlantic to an Inferno raging in New York!
And don’t forget Lightning Squad, the alternate Nazi versions of Excalibur!

Plus: Who or what is Widget?

Deadpool Classic 17 – Headcanon

They may be alternate-reality Deadpools, but they’re still just as Mercky and just as Mouthy!

Like the Wade Wilson who was part of an ultra-secret special-ops team along with allies named Bullseye, Silver Sable and Domino! But a bloody Mexican massacre will leave this Agent Deadpool with a lot of explaining to do!

And how about the Cold War Wade Wilson, codename: Deadpool? He’s the CIA’s most valuable asset — but also certifiably insane! It’s lies, spies and shapely thighs as DP goes pulp!

Then, Wade is a dash of color in a black-and-white world ravaged by zombies. When the dead walk, Deadpool is mankind’s only hope — but if he triumphs, who will save us from him?

Collects Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War #1-4, Deadpool Pulp #1-4, Night of the Living Deadpool #1-4, Return of the Living Deadpool #1-4.

Wolverine vs. The Marvel Universe

Wolverine takes on all comers in a collection of his classic brawls with Marvel’s finest!

Sparks fly as Adamantium claws strike Captain America’s shield!

Wolverine and Daredevil battle over Bushwhacker!

Spider-Man’s world is forever changed in an espionage thriller!

Wolverine renews rivalries with a gray Hulk; has a nightmarish showdown with Venom; and tackles Avengers, New Warriors and more — but his mighty melee with Thor will be legendary!

And in an incredible tale, Logan faces the entire Marvel Universe when a deadly plague transforms everyone — human and superhuman — into savage, cannibal predators. Who will make a stand against the endless slaughter? One word: SNIKT!

Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean: Signal to Noise

A film director is dying of cancer.

His greatest film would have told the story of a European village as the last hour of 999 AD approached, bringing Armageddon.

Now that story will never be told.
But he’s still working it out in his head, making a film that no one will ever see.

Darwyn Cooke: Batman – Ego and Other Tails

A collection of pulse-pounding stories of the Dark Knight, Catwoman and more of Gotham’s finest.

Featuring Darwyn Cooke’s unique visions of Batman and Catwoman, now available as a Deluxe Edition hardcover!



Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurt: The Damned 1

During prohibition, gangsters grew rich on our vices, and rivalries between criminal organizations resulted in open war.

But unknown to the masses, a more sinister power controlled the crime cartels, using greed, gluttony, lust and other sins to fuel a more lucrative trade: mortal souls.

Enter Eddie, a mortal who lost his soul long ago.
Caught in the middle of competing demonic families, any other human would’ve gotten the ax long ago. But Eddie’s got a special talent that keeps him on his feet. One man’s curse is another man’s gift.

THE DAMNED is hard-boiled noir with demons, and the team behind THE SIXTH GUN is bringing it back with new colors, a new format, and a new ongoing tale of tommy guns and hellfire.

Neil Gaiman & Michael Zulli: The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch

Come and hear of the terrible tale of Miss Finch, an exacting woman befallen by mystery and abduction deep under the streets of London!

Join a group of friends, with the stern Miss Finch in tow, as they enter musty caverns for a subterranean circus spectacle called “The Theatre of Night’s Dreaming.”

Step inside, get out of the pounding rain, and witness this strange world of vampires, ringmasters, illusions, and the Cabinet of Wishes Fulfill’d.

New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman and his longtime collaborator Michael Zulli (Creatures of the Night, The Sandman) deliver This “mostly true story”, combining Gaiman’s trademark magic realism with Zulli’s sumptuous paintings, newly re-designed for this beautiful new edition!

Neil Gaiman & Michael Zulli: Creatures of the Night

Two magical stories featuring strange creatures that are not quite what they seem!

In “The Price”, a mysterious feline engages in a nightly conflict with an unseen, vicious foe.

“The Daughter of Owls” recounts a tale of an orphan girl, and how those who wronged her faced bizarre consequences!

From New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman (The Sandman)! Gorgeously redesigned new edition!

John Allison: Bad Machinery 1 – The Case of the Team Spirit

The first volume of the beloved Bad Machinery series, now at a new size and introductory price!

The Case of the Team Spirit introduces readers to Jack, Linton, Sonny, Shauna, Charlotte, and Mildred: six kids navigating the treacherous waters of school and adolescence while also exploring the strange mysteries that abound in their peculiar English town of Tackleford.

Jack, Linton, and Sonny look for cures to their football club’s unexplainable woes, while Shauna, Charlotte, and Mildred try to find a way for compassion and justice to triumph in the face of die-hard sports fanaticism. But all of them should probably be more concerned with keeping on the good side of their history teacher, Mr. Bough. That is, if he has a good side…

Will Eisner: The Lost Work of Will Eisner

Unearthed as part of a massive collection of pre-WWII newspaper printing plates, the mid-1930s comic strips UNCLE OTTO and HARRY KARRY represent the earliest known cartooning of the great comics and sequential art pioneer Will Eisner.

In these strips you can see the young Eisner’s imagination expanding, as he experiments with the possibilities of serialized storytelling and works through his numerous influences. The comics collected within document the genesis of one of the most iconic and brilliant cartoonists of all time.

Brian Buccellato & Jennifer Young & Matias Bergara: Cannibal 1

A category five hurricane sweeps through the Southeast, uprooting ancient mosquitoes carrying a virus that causes the infected to crave human flesh.

One year later, with no cure in sight, the region has become split over what to do with the victims.

For the Hansen family, the answer is simple: kill them. However, all of that changes when the virus infects people they love.

CANNIBAL is about a small Everglades town that is just trying to hold onto their everyday lives at the dawn of a cannibal pandemic. Told through the eyes of the Hansen family, it’s an anti-apocalypse story about a community that is too damn stubborn to give in.

Christopher Sebela & Niko Walter: Demonic

Detective Scott Graves will do anything to protect his family… even bargain away his soul.

Now, the only thing to fear isn’t New York’s worst criminals, but what’s already raging inside of him.

After all, what’s the cost of your soul when it’s already damaged?

Created by ROBERT KIRKMAN, this vigilante answers to no man, only the demon within.

Ray Fawkes: Intersect 1 – Metamorph

The terrifying, surreal journey of the Intersected begins in this volume!

Start at the beginning with the book critics have called “truly original, truly unreplicable, and truly terrifying…”



David F. Walker & Ivan Reis: Cyborg 1 – Unplugged

The fan-favorite Justice League hero headlines his own solo series from rising star writer David F. Walker (“Shaft”) and superstar artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (BLACKEST NIGHT, JUSTICE LEAGUE).

Victor Stone has had his share of near-death experiences it’s part of what made him the cyber-enhanced superhero Cyborg in the first place.
But after his latest brush with death, something has changed with Vic s cybernetics. They’re evolving, and no one can explain why!

But there’s more to Vic’s evolution than a new look and new powers. Something in his technology is calling out between worlds and the message has been received by invaders who will stop at nothing to possess it. These Technosapiens aim to absorb all of humanity into their collective if it means a chance to get their hands on Cyborg.

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – The Gunslinger: The Little Sisters of Eluria

Near death from an attack by Slow Mutants, Roland Deschain is taken in by a group of Sisters who specialize in anything but the healing arts.

These hideous, corpse-like creatures known as the Little Sisters of Eluria have murder on their twisted minds.

And in his current, wounded condition, there’s almost nothing the last gunslinger can do to prevent their tender mercies from taking hold.

It’s the beginning of a new DarkTower story arc featuring the fine pencils of Luke Ross, whose work on this story will astound you!

Jay Faerber & Simone Guglielmini: Near Death 1

Meet Markham, a professional killer who has a near-death experience during a botched mission.

Determined to avoid ever returning to the Hell he glimpsed, Markham has dedicated himself to balancing the scales. He’s going to save a life for every life he’s taken. And he’s taken a lot of lives…

The critically acclaimed crime series is collected for the first time, featuring exclusive bonus material.

Jay Faerber & Simone Guglielmini: Near Death 2

In this second collection of the series BRIAN K. VAUGHAN calls “a killer crime book with a very sharp hook,” former hitman Markham has relocated to Los Angeles, where he continues his efforts to balance the scales by saving people instead of killing them.

But try as he might, Markham can’t outrun his dark past.

If you like THIEF OF THIEVES and FATALE, you’ll love NEAR DEATH.

Jeff Lemire & Emi Lenox: Plutona

Five kids discover the body of the world’s greatest super hero, Plutona, in the woods after school one day.

This discovery sends them on a dark journey that will threaten to tear apart their friendship and their lives.

Collects PLUTONA #1-5 in a limited hardcover format edition. Collects PLUTONA #1-5.


Brian Buccellato & Toni Infante: Sons of the Devil 1

Collects the first five issue of the critically-acclaimed ongoing series from New York Times bestselling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO and artist TONI INFANTE.

Also includes a twelve-page origin story of Jennifer that is not available in the monthly comic.

Collects SONS OF THE DEVIL #1-5.


Brian Buccellato & Toni Infante: Sons of the Devil 2

Travis and Jennifer commit to unite their long-lost family and begin searching for their siblings who survived the Cult Massacre 25 years ago.

When these siblings start disappearing, Travis is forced to reevaluate his alliances and whom he can trust.

From New York Times bestselling author BRIAN BUCCELLATO and TONI INFANTE.
Collects SONS OF THE DEVIL #6-10.

Joe Keatinge & Leila Del Duca: Shutter 1

JOE KEATINGE (GLORY, TECH JACKET, Adventures of Superman) teams up with artist extraordinaire LEILA DEL DUCA for her Image Comics debut in the very first collection of their all-new ongoing series combining the urban fantasy of Fables and the globe-spanning adventure of Y: The Last Man.

Kate Kristopher, once the most famous explorer of an Earth far more fantastic than the one we know, is forced to return to the adventurous life she left behind when a family secret threatens to destroy everything she spent her life protecting. Collects SHUTTER #1-6.

Matt Hawkins & Ryan Hill & Isaac Goodhard: Postal 1


The first volume of Top Cow’s bold new ongoing series POSTAL brings readers into the fictional town of Eden, Wyoming, a place founded by criminals for criminals.

A place where, despite its inhabitants, no crime is allowed. Local postman Mark Shiffron has Asperger’s, and through his peculiar eyes we see a town struggling to keep its fragile peace, a town on the constant brink of chaos.

When a murdered woman’s body is found on Eden’s main street, Mark’s need to solve her crime leads him into darkness and truth about the town he’s known his entire life and the hidden realms of his own psychology.

Co-writers BRYAN HILL & MATT HAWKINS work with newcomer ISAAC GOODHART to take an unflinching look at the cost of justice and the price of redemption through a tale set in the murky soul of America’s heartland.

Matt Hawkins & Ryan Hill & Isaac Goodhard: Postal 2


Small town. Big problems.

Mark Shiffron is more than the mailman of Eden, Wyoming. Now he’s the problem solver, working with his mother, the Mayor, to keep a town full of criminals from tearing itself apart.

As ambition and desire grow within him, Mark uses his unique perspective to try and keep Eden under his mother’s control. But can the Mayor keep her son under her control?

The second arc of the controversial and unflinching POSTAL once again journeys into the strange darkness of human nature, making one thing clear: every paradise comes at a price.

Matt Hawkins & Ryan Hill & Isaac Goodhard: Postal 3


Mark Shiffron can protect his innocence or he can protect the small town he’s always known.

He won’t have much time because a new FBI agent has come to Wyoming, intent on understanding Eden’s secrets, starting with Mark’s fugitive father: Issac Shiffron…but Mark’s father has plans that will push Mark beyond the threshold of good and evil, changing him forever.


Matt Hawkins & Bryan Hill & Attilio Rojo: Eden’s Fall


Top Cow combines three of its most provocative titles (THINK TANK, THE TITHE, POSTAL) in an unflinching fable of revenge and consequence.

FBI Agent James Miller (THE TITHE) follows a sociopath into the off -the-grid town of Eden, Wyoming, on a personal mission of vengeance.

The price of this vigilante justice will be paid in blood, and both Eden and James Miller will never be the same.

Collects EDEN’S FALL #1-3, THINK TANK #1, POSTAL #1, THE TITHE #1.

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Tuomas Myllylän originaalinäyttely Turun Sarjakuvakaupalla huhtikuussa, avajaiset pe 31.3.2017 klo 17–19


Kulkijat ovat jotain mitä voit aavistaa pimeydessä katuvalojen ulkopuolella, silmänurkassasi kun olet yksin kotona tai unissasi, joista heräät otsa hiessä muistamatta mitä näit. Nyt nämä otukset, koneet ja hirviöt kuitenkin ovat astuneet esiin ja nähtäväksi Turun Sarjakuvakaupalla. Tuomas Myllylä on tallentanut kotinurkissaan hiipivät pienet ja vähän isommatkin oliot, synkkien metsien hiljaiset asukkaat ja ikivanhat konejumalat paperille työskennellessään vuosia maatalouslomittajana Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla. Nyt tuon eksoottisen maailmankolkan kauhunäyt on talletettu musteen avulla paperille lähes tieteellisellä pieteetillä. Tule ja katso!

Näyttelynavajaisissa julkaistaan 40-sivuinen lehti, joka sisältää kaksi tarinaa: Troll Patrol ja Bob the Killbot.

Tuomas Myllylä on etelään kotiutunut sarjakuvataiteilija Pohjois-Pohjanmaalta. 30-vuotias innokas historiaharrastaja on tähän mennessä saattanut maailmaan kolme sarjakuva-albumia, ja työstää parhaillaan Pakanat-trilogian viimeistä osaa.

Lisäksi Myllylältä on julkaistu sarjakuvanovelleja eri yhteyksissä, kuten syksyllä Arktiselta Banaanilta julkaistavassa Eino Leinon Helkavirret kokoelmassa sekä Turun sarjakuvaseuran Scifi-antologiassa.

Sarjakuvien lisäksi Tuomas Myllylä tekee kuvituksia vähän milloin mistäkin, mutta erityisesti kauhu-, scifi- ja fantasiahenkiset aiheet ovat sydäntä lähellä. Näitä kuvituksia on julkaistu runsaasti Tähtivaeltaja-lehdessä.

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Turun Sarjakuvakaupan uutuuksia viikolla 12/2017

Marvel: Supersankarin käsikirja

Tämä mahtava käsikirja opastaa sinua luomaan oman Marvel-supersankarisi, jolla saat keksiä alkuperän, supervoimat, varusteet, asun, tukikohdan, liittolaiset ja viholliset.

Kirja sisältää hurjan määrän tietoa Marvel-sankareista ja konnista ja on pullollaan tehtäviä, askarteluohjeita, visailuja ja vitsejä.
Käsikirjan sivuilla pääset myös pelaamaan vauhdikasta Marvel-seikkailupeliä, jonka tarinan käänteet päätät itse.

Carl Barks: Carl Barksin parhaat sarjat – Ovela Roope-setä

Tämä kirja sisältää tarinat: Ovela Roope-setä, Huutovuoren kaiku, Luotilaakson seriffi, Nuorna vitsa väännettävä, Ensimmäinen kevätpäivä, Luistelukilpailu, Aku Ankka ja zombi ja muita unohtumattomia Ankka-klassikoita.




Cullen Bunn & Salva Espin: Deadpool – Back in Black

During 1984’s SECRET WARS, Deadpool was introduced to an alien symbiote who went on to become Spider-Man’s black costume and, eventually, Venom.

OK, OK, maybe that really happened in DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS. Point is, did you know that after Spider-Man rejected the costume…it went slinking back to Deadpool on the rebound? And they went on adventures together? You didn’t? Well, you will, now, thanks to this series by Cullen Bunn (The DEADPOOL KILLOGY) & Salva Espin (DEADPOOL & THE MERCS FOR MONEY)!
Ville Pirinen: Yhesti yhes kymmenennes paikas

Ville Pirisen maineikas Yhesti yhes paikas -sarja on edennyt juhlallisesti kymmenenteen osaansa.

Sen kunniaksi kirjasen koko on nyt suurempi, kannet kovemmat, sivuja enemmän ja sävyt värikkäämmät.
Sisällön ei silti pidä pelätä uudistuneen, sillä taiteilija Pirinen kokoaa yhteen sarjan taustalla vaikuttaneita teemoja ja syventää niitä jopa kolminkertaiselle metatasolle pohtiessaan syvällisiä syntyjä tarinoista ja niiden kertomisesta.

Seikkailu alkaa pikkupitäjän koviksien epäonnistuneella itsemurharisteilyllä ja jatkuu vintage-hengessä syrjätien varren vessattomalla kirpputorilla. On siinä taas ajattelemista omalle kohalle! Lopun kaksi lyhyttä tarinaa pyyhkäisevät pois ahdistuksen ja jättävät lukijalle kevyesti kivan fiiliksen.

Sari Luhtanen & Tiina Paju: Maisa & Kaarina – Viimeinen tikki

Onko Maisalle ja Kaarinalle tullut eteen viimeinen tikki?

Suorasukainen parivaljakko palaa uuden albumin myötä oleellisten ongelmien äärelle.

Anna-lehdestä tuttu huumorisarjakuva kertoo naisen arjesta oivaltavasti ja mukaansa tempaavasti.

Octavia E. Butler & Damian Duffy & John Jennings: Kindred

Octavia E. Butler’s bestselling literary science-fiction masterpiece, Kindred, now in graphic novel format.

More than 35 years after its release, Kindred continues to draw in new readers with its deep exploration of the violence and loss of humanity caused by slavery in the United States, and its complex and lasting impact on the present day. Adapted by celebrated academics and comics artists Damian Duffy and John Jennings, this graphic novel powerfully renders Butler’s mysterious and moving story, which spans racial and gender divides in the antebellum South through the 20th century.

Butler’s most celebrated, critically acclaimed work tells the story of Dana, a young black woman who is suddenly and inexplicably transported from her home in 1970s California to the pre–Civil War South.
As she time-travels between worlds, one in which she is a free woman and one where she is part of her own complicated familial history on a southern plantation, she becomes frighteningly entangled in the lives of Rufus, a conflicted white slaveholder and one of Dana’s own ancestors, and the many people who are enslaved by him.

Wolverine vs. Deadpool

The Merc with a Mouth takes on the Mutant with the Mutton chops in their greatest battles — and occasional team-ups!

Katanas and claws clash in their brutal first meeting — but when someone targets Weapon X survivors, Wolverine must ride to Deadpool’s rescue!
Doctor Bong tolls for our heroes, then things get hairy over a werewolf!
And when a bounty is placed on Logan’s head, guess who tries to collect!
An assault on a Hydra base will have them at each other’s throats, while Wolvie plays straight man to Wade’s wisecracker in a showdown with a Shi’ar robot. But things really go off the deep end in the main event — one ultimate, over-the-top, slicing-and-dicing slobberknocker!

Ville Pirinen: Yhesti yhes paikas 1-3

Myöhäsyntyiset Yhesti yhes paikas -sarjan ystävät ovat jo jonkin aikaa haikailleet parin varhaisimman loppuunmyydyn osan perään.

Enää ei tarvitse elää puutteessa, sillä peräti kolme ensimmäistä Yhesti-kirjaa on nyt koottu vantteraksi yhteisniteeksi, joka sisältää mm. klassiset sattumukset uimahallin saunan notkeimmasta miehestä, sian teurastuksesta, tavattoman kovaonnisesta yläasteen voikkamaikasta, löyhyttelijästä, buutseista ja kikkailevan sekakäyttäjän erheestä.
Kaikki tyynni silkkaa hatarasti tosipohjaista tsykedeliaa, josta emme vissiin opi tasan mitään! Muutamat bonussivut täydentävät kokonaisuuden.

Jukka Tilsa: Tupelon tuplaseriffi

Tilsan tuotannon lonkerot ulottuvat alkuaikojen hervottomasta undergroundista viljavainioiden kautta kartoittamattomaan ulkoavaruuteen.

Tässä pikku kirjasessa Tilsa valloittaa villin lännen aseinaan lasso, suksi, kirves, kanuuna, suurennuslasi ja wanne-zaha.
Tupelossa käynnistyvät kaksinkertaiset tupenrapinat, kun avaruudesta pudonnut musta aukko joutuu rikollisten vääriin käsiin. Siitä alkaa pakahduttava tapahtumasarja, jollainen voi syntyä vain Eräjärven absurdistin aivosolukossa.
Lipare julkaistiin alun perin vuonna 2008 ja myytiin vikkelästi loppuun. On toisen otoksen aika!

Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Tales from the Darkside

Joe Hill’s nerve-shredding re-imagining of Tales from the Darkside never made it to TV… but the dead are restless and refuse to stay buried!

Adapts the episodes written by Hill and illustrated by Locke & Key co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez!

Four stories of the macabre and malevolent! One coulda-been, shoulda-been TV epic on paper with pictures that don’t move! Step out of the warm, sunlit world you think of as reality and get ready to take a chilling walk… on the DARKSIDE.

P.A. Manninen & Aura Ijäs: Pottakylän lapset

Sarjakuva pystyy viihdyttämään sekä lapsi- että aikuislukijaa, sen sanoma vain avautuu lukijan ikä- ja kokemuspohjan perusteella eri tavoin. Pottakylän lapset viittaa nimensä puolesta Astrid Lindgrenin Melukylän lapsiin, mutta on sisällöltään päivitetty versio perinteisistä lasten tarinoista nykypäivään. Se on uusi mutaatio suomalaisen huumorin evoluutiossa.

Tämän päivän lasten satumaailmat löytyvät internetistä, ja älypuhelimia naksutellaan jo päiväkoti-iässä. Pottakylän lapsissa huumori on tummasävyistä, perustuen arkisiin tilanteisiin fantasialla väritettynä. Lasten suusta kuullaan kaunistelematon totuus, kun piltit nakkelevat vanhemmilleen takaisin näiden lausumia latteuksia ja tulkitsevat muutenkin aikuisten maailmaa oman perspektiivinsä kautta.

Pikkuvanhoja lapsihahmoja on nähty sarjakuvissa paljon, mutta Pottakylän lapsien radikaalit tenavat ovat toista maata. Hirviöt eivät heitä pelota, naurun aihetta löytyy ikävämmistäkin asioista. Lapsien ja lastenmielisten ikuisesti suosimaa pissa- ja kakkahuumoria unohtamatta.

Pottakylän lapset -sarja pyrkii jäsentämään vallitsevaa kulttuurikaaosta, jossa todellisuus ja kuvitelmat ovat sekoittuneet keskenään pysyvästi, eikä mikään ole niin epätotta kuin tosi-tv. Sarjan kerrontakeinot on lainattu ikivanhoista sarjakuvista ja esimoderneista pala-animaatioista.

Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples: Saga – Kuudes kirja

Hazelin oppivuodet! Vanhemmistaan eroon joutunut Hazel yrittää parhaansa mukaan sopeutua koulutukseen Maantuntuman hoivissa.

Samaan aikaan Alana ja Marko etsivät pientä tyttöään epätoivoisesti, mutta kaikkeus on suuri paikka…

Saga on sarjakuvamaailman arvostelu- ja myyntimenestys. TV-sarjoista Lost ja Under the Dome tunnettu Brian K. Vaughan on tämän hetken maineikkaimpia ja omaperäisimpiä sarjakuvakirjoittajia.

Jesse Matilainen: Suomen suurin kommunisti

.Mitä sinä olet valmis uhraamaan vallankumouksen vuoksi? Luopuisitko perheestäsi, kotimaastasi, hengestäsi?

“Tarina perustuu tositapahtumiin ja henkilöt ovat historiallisia, mutta otin joitakin vapauksia tapahtumien kuvaamisessa, pääasiassa tiedon vähyyden, ristiriitaisuuden tai epäluotettavuuden takia”, sanoo sarjakuvaromaanin tekijä Jesse Matilainen. Suomen Suurin Kommunisti käsittelee sisällissodan jälkeen Neuvostoliittoon paenneiden punaisten kohtaloita ja heidän pyrkimyksiään käynnistää Suomessa uusi vallankumous. Kirjan ensimmäinen osa kuvaa vuosia 1918-1924 sisällissodasta Leninin kuolemaan, toinen kattaa vuodet 1932-1939 Lapuan liikkeen noususta talvisotaan.

Sarjakuvaromaanin päähenkilöt ovat idealismissaankin käytännönläheinen Hanna Malm ja hänen vastapelurinsa, Stalinin kultapoika Otto Wille Kuusinen. Heidän suhteensa paljastaa vallankumouksen alkuperäisten ihanteiden ja totalitaarisen todellisuuden karmaisevan ristiriidan. Muita keskeisiä hahmoja ovat Aino Kuusinen, Arvo “Poika” Tuominen, Tyyne Tokoi, Yrjö Sirola ja Kullervo Manner.

Valérie Mangin & Thierry Démarez: Alix Senator 2 – Viimeinen farao

Rooma vuonna 12 eKr. Keisari Augustus hallitsee yksinvaltiaana. Alix on ylittänyt 50 vuoden iän, ja hänestä on tullut senaattori.

Italiassa vallitseva rauha on vain näennäistä. Keisari on joutunut murhayrityksen kohteeksi, ja hyökkääjä väitti toimivansa Caesarin nimissä! Diktaattori on mukamas ilmestynyt Egyptiin tultuaan murhatuksi senaatissa 30 vuotta aiemmin. Alix poikineen joutuu selvittämään, onko tarina mielipuolen keksintöä, huiputusta vai totta. Retki vie heidät Aleksandrian ylellisistä palatseista aina alkupyramidin uumeniin.

Käsikirjoittaja Valérie Mangin ja piirtäjä Thierry Démarez jatkavat Verikotkissa alkanutta tarinaa.

Jul & Achdé: Lucky Luke uudet seikkailut 11 – Luvattu maa

70-vuotias sarjakuvasankari Lucky Luke sai juhlavuotensa kunniaksi tekijätiimiinsä uutta verta, sillä tuoreimman pitkän seikkailun käsikirjoituksesta vastaa nimimerkillä Jul operoiva Julien Berjeaut. Kuvittajana jatkaa vanha tuttu Achdé.

Luvattu maa vie sankarinsa seikkailulle halki Yhdysvaltojen, kun Luke saa tehtäväkseen johdattaa juutalaisen perheen St. Louisista Villiin länteen. Matka on pitkä, eikä lystikkäiltä kommelluksilta vältytä. Perinteiseen tapaan mukana on mainio kavalkadi historiallisia merkkihenkilöitä lukijan bongattavaksi.

Yann & Olivier Schwartz: Pikon ja Fantasion uudet seikkailut 13 – Mustien uhrien herra

Pikon ja Fantasion uudet seikkailut jatkuvat!

Mustien uhrien herra päättää vuonna 2014 ilmestyneessä Leopardinainen-albumissa alkaneen tarinan, mutta toimii itsenäisenä seikkailunakin.
Nostalginen tunnelmointi ja villi viidakkotoiminta vuorottelevat, kun sankariparivaljakkomme ja Spip seuraavat leopardiheimoon kuuluvaa Aniotaa Kongoon, jossa he saavat vastaansa villieläimiä, robottigorilloja, taikavoimia ja vanhan tutun kenraali Von Knochenin.

Joe Casey & Piotr Kowalski: Sex 5 – Reflexology

The saga of Saturn City continues to unfold.

Who will live?

Who will die?

Who will get it on?

And who will figure out exactly what it means to be a fully functioning adult?

Kurt Busiek & Ben Dewey: The Autumnlands 2 – Woodland Creatures

Stranded in the mountains, the Great Champion and the young dog-wizard Dusty discover gods, goats, living statues, oracular crows, and dangerous secrets about the history of the Autumnlands.

Secrets that could help them save the world—if they’re able to survive.

The hit epic-fantasy series continues, by superstar creators KURT BUSIEK, BENJAMIN DEWEY and JORDIE BELLAIRE. Named one of the A.V. Club’s Best of 2015.

Adam Rapp & Mike Cavallaro: Decelerate Blue

The future waits for no one.

In this new world, speed and efficiency are everything, and the populace zooms along in a perpetually stimulated haze. Angela thinks she’s the only person in her family―maybe the only person on the planet―who sees anything wrong with this picture. But the truth is she’s not alone.

Angela finds herself recruited into a resistance movement where the key to rebellion is taking things slow. In their secret underground hideout, they create a life unplugged from the rapid-fire culture outside. Can they free the rest of the world before the powers that be shut down their utopian experiment?

From revolutionary and award-winning playwright Adam Rapp and veteran cartoonist and animator Mike Cavallaro comes Decelerate Blue, a dark, breath-taking new vision of an all-too-plausible future for America.

Dan Abnett & Brett Booth: Titans 1 – The Return of Wally West

The members of the super-team known as the Teen Titans were heroes but, more than that, the best of friends.

A special bond held them together through even the toughest situations. Then their connection became a memory. And that memory faded, stolen from time. Only one person remembers.

His name is Wally West. Once upon a time, he was Kid Flash, but now he is a refugee from a lost universe and it’s up to him to reawaken his former friends and re-forge their bond.

Nightwing. Donna Troy. Beast Boy. Arsenal. Lilith. They must come together and defeat the enemy who destroyed their memories or be destroyed themselves.

Rob Williams: Suicide Squad 1 – The Black Vault

Assembled by the tough-as-nails intelligence expert Amanda Waller and overseen by disgraced military genius Captain Rick Flag, the men, women and monsters of the Suicide Squad-a.k.a. Task Force X-do the jobs that are too dirty for any superheroes to soil their capes with.

Their latest mission should be easy enough: recover a powerful cosmic weapon called the Black Vault from enemy hands.
The Suicide Squad always gets the job done (mostly) but this time, when the weapon’s dark influence spreads and the team is driven to madness and mayhem (more than usual), there’s only one person sane enough to save the Squad from destruction…the Clown Princess of Crazy herself, Harley Quinn!

Petteri Tikkanen: Eka kerta

Millainen mahtaa olla Eeron eka kerta? Löytyykö tosirakkaus rakettien paukkeessa? Pääseekö Eero opiskelemaan? Olisiko hänen aika muuttaa omaan tupaan, kun isän juopottelu alkaa karata käsistä?

Petteri Tikkanen jatkaa sympaattisen Eeron elämänvaiheista kertovaa sarjaa viidennellä osalla, jossa miehen ikään ehtineen päähenkilön elämä kääntyy monin tavoin uuteen suuntaan. Albumin vahva grafiikka, levollinen kerronta ja elämänmakuinen asenne hurmaavat lukijan.

Hannu Kesola: Kyyti ja muita tarinoita

Sisältää Hannu Kesolan haastattelun ja kolme sarjakuvanovellia, joista kahta ei ole aiemmin julkaistu suomeksi.

Muina tekijöinä ovat Randy Valiente, Steven Bagatzky, Mauro Bueno ja Ville Vuorinen.



Inio Asano: Nijigahara Holograph

Fantagraphics is proud to welcome the great Inio Asano (Solanin, What a Wonderful World!) to its acclaimed literary manga line.

Even as butterflies ominously proliferate in town, the rumor of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school spreads among the children.

When the body of Arié Kimura’s mother is found by this tunnel’s entrance, next to apparently human traces, the legend seems to be confirmed.
Is the end of the world coming?
In order to appease the wrath of the beast, the children decide to offer it a sacrifice: The unfortunate Arié, whom they believe to be the cause of the curse, is shoved into a well that leads to the Nijigahara tunnel ― an act that in turns pushes Komatsuzaki, the budding thug who has carried a torch for Arié for a while already, entirely over the edge.

But this is only the beginning of the complex, challenging, obliquely told Nijigahara Holograph, which takes place in two separate timelines and involves the suicidal Suzuki; Higure, his stalkerish would-be girlfriend; and their teacher Miss Sakaki, whose heavily bandaged face remains a mystery; and many more ― brothers, sisters, parents, co-workers, teachers, aggressors and victims who are all inextricably linked to one another and all will eventually ― ten years later ― have to live with what they’ve done or suffered through.

Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo: Doctor Strange 3 – Blood in the Aether

In the aftermath of THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC, journey back to the first days of Doctor Strange!

How did Stephen Strange become the Sorcerer Supreme — and how has he lost it all?

In the present, Strange is on the brink of death, his magic nearly depleted. Sensing the Master of the Mystic Arts is at his weakest, his greatest foes will return from the shadows, ready to strike — starting with one of his oldest rivals, Baron Mordo!

But as a parade of bad guys line up to take their shot, one of Strange’s newest enemies may be the deadliest of all. During ORIGINAL SIN, one of the slain Watcher’s eyes fell into the hands of the Orb — and with that immense power, he has set his sights on Doctor Strange!

Hugo Pratt: Corto Maltese in Siberia

With this book Pratt leaves behind the short story form he’d used for twenty-one interrelated tales and presents a truly epic graphic novel.

In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and the First World War, Corto Maltese is engaged by the Red Lanterns―a Chinese secret society made up entirely of women―to find an armored train laden with gold that belonged to the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II.

They aren’t the only ones lusting after the treasure. The adventure, which shifts from the hidden courts of Venice to the mysterious alleys of Hong Kong, from Shanghai to Manchuria and Mongolia to Siberia, also attracts regular and irregular armies, as well as revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries.
The sweeping plot allows Pratt to fully investigate the complicated and competing motivations of his cast that includes the return of Rasputin and the introduction of the cold and dangerous Duchess Marina Seminova, the enigmatic warrior/spy named Shanghai-Lil, and historical figures such as the “Mad Baron” Roman Ungern-Sternberg, a Russian general who who sees himself as the modern-day Genghis Khan!

Brandon Graham: King City

At last! Tokyo Pop presents 424 page catmonster. The long-awaited collection of the complete King City series is here, chock-full of comic book games, puzzles, and wordplay!

Joe is a catmaster, trained to use his cat as any tool or weapon. His best friend, Pete, falls in love with an alien he’s forced to sell into green slavery, while his ex, Anna, watches her Xombie War veteran boyfriend turn into the drug he’s addicted to. King City, an underbelly of a town run by spy gangs and dark dark magic with mystery down every alleyway.

With some short comix by: Thomas Herpich, Marian Churchland, James Stokoe Ludroe

Batman – Night of the Monster Men

The first Batman crossover of DC Rebirth is here in BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN!

It’s the storm of the century, and it’s headed straight for Gotham City. The guardians of this sprawling urban center-Nightwing, Batwoman and the Batman himself-think they’ve prepared for the worst.

They have no idea.

Thanks to the machinations of the macabre scientist Dr. Hugo Strange, the storm has unleashed a rain of monsters upon the city. Colossal creatures are stomping through the streets, terrorizing the citizens and challenging the skills of even Gotham’s greatest heroes.

Can the Dark Knight and his allies stem the tide of destruction? Or will the Night of the Monster Men mark the fall of the Bat?

Eric Powell: The Goon Library 2

Lonely Street comes under all manner of threats both tragic and hilarious in this deluxe hardcover edition of The Goon.

A mysterious new figure has entered the crime scene and is taking out the Goon’s business operations one by one—systematically intercepting shipments, murdering contacts, and alienating friends.

As Goon struggles to keep the city’s organized crime under his control, his mind is haunted by the memories of his darkest moments . . .

Collects The Goon Volumes 4–6.

Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta: Outcast 4 – Under Devil’s Wing

Answers are given and secrets are revealed as Kyle Barnes and Sidney have a conversation that will change EVERYTHING.

Kyle has never been in more danger.

THE WALKING DEAD creator ROBERT KIRKMAN’s latest horror hit is now a Cinemax TV show, available on iTunes and Steam now.

Bryan Lee O’Malley & Leslie Hung: Snotgirl 1 – Green Hair Don’t Care

From bestselling BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY (Scott Pilgrim) and superstar newcomer LESLIE HUNG!

Lottie Person is a glamorous fashion blogger living her best life—at least that’s what she wants you to think.

The truth is, her friends are terrible people, her boyfriend traded her up for someone younger, her allergies are out of control, and she may or may not have killed somebody! SNOTGIRL VOL. 1 is the perfect introduction to one of 2016’s most buzzed-about titles!

Chynna Clugston Flores & Rosemary Valero-O’Connell: Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy 1

BOOM! Studios and DC Comics team up to bring together Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy for the ultimate friendship-fueled crossover event.

Written by Chynna Clugston Flores (Blue Monday), and illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me) Jenna Ayoub, Maddi Gonzalez, and Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Toil and Trouble), this is a run-for-your-life-from-skeletal-monsters mystery that leads to lifelong friendship!

When a teacher at Gotham Academy goes missing, it’s up to Olive, Maps, Colton, Pom, and Kyle to figure out what is happening and how to get her back.
With only an outdated birthday invitation as the clue, they find themselves in the middle of the woods with no idea of where to start.
With the sudden appearance of the Lumberjanes—April, Jo, Mal, Molly, Ripley and Jen—who are on the hunt for their missing Camp Director, all clues point to an abandoned cabin with more secrets than cobwebs.

Revolution – Transformers

The Revolution continues in The Transformers!

Thundercracker and Buster save the World!

A White House under siege by Dire Wraiths!

Windblade on Earth!

And a date with destiny for Krok, Crankcase, Fulcrum, Spinister, and Misfire!

Collects The Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye, and Till All Are One Revolution One-Shots plus the 2015 Holiday Special.

The New Mutants Epic Collection – Renewal

Meet the future of the X-Men!

Karma. Wolfsbane. Sunspot. Cannonball. Moonstar.

They’re teenagers, thrown together by the X-gene that makes them different.

Follow the adventures of these young mutants from Karma’s first meeting with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four to their early days at the Xavier School!
The New Mutants’ on-the-job training begins in earnest with battles against Sentinels, the Silver Samurai, Viper and the Hellfire Club; a team-up with Spidey and Cloak and Dagger — and the team gets a taste of life as X-Men in a disturbing encounter with the Brood!

Plus: Meet fiery new recruit Magma, and discover how Colossus’s sister, Illyana, became the demon sorceress known as Magik!

Daredevil Epic Collection – Brother, Take My Hand

Matt Murdock has done battle with Marvel’s most maddening villains — but when the Jester enters the fray, the rules change forever!

Framing DD for murder, the Jester sets all of New York against the Man Without Fear — and the stakes get even higher when Starr Saxon discovers DD’s secret identity!

Daredevil also faces off against two of Marvel’s greatest heroes, Captain America and the Black Panther — all the while struggling to rebuild his relationship with the lovely Karen Page.
Then comes Death’s Head, a villain with deep connections to those closest to Daredevil. It’s a classic battle that pushes Matt Murdock to reveal his identity to Karen — but will it bring them closer together, or force them apart?

Nathan Fairbairn & Matt Smith: Lake of Fire 1

It is 1220 AD, and the gears of the Albigensian Crusade grind on.

When an alien spacecraft infested with a horde of bloodthirsty predators crash-lands in the remote wilderness of the French Pyrenees, a small band of crusaders and a Cathar heretic are all that stand between God’s Kingdom and Hell on Earth.


Mustat Tulppaanit: Äääääääää…

Joskus elämässä vaan tulee vastaan tilanteita, joihin sanat eivät riitä.





Beyond Game Culture

In 2016, a group of Turku University students started a project to mix academic game studies and comic books.

This project adapted various studies in the field of retrogaming and game history in a comic book form in order to reach new audiences for the academic field and to offer different viewpoints to studies themselves.

This comic book is a result of that project.

Emmi Nääppä: Kadonneen naapurin arvoitus

Viiru-kissa on kadonnut. Mitä piilee on kaiken takana?





Eri tekijöitä: Elimme : Limingan taidekoulu 50 vuotta

Limingan taidekoulun 50-vuotisjuhlajulkaisu sarjakuvahaastatteluina




Greg Carpenter: The British Invasion!

Moore. Gaiman. Morrison.

They came from Northampton, West Sussex, and Glasgow, and even though they spoke with different dialects, they gave American comics a new voice — one loud and clear enough to speak to the Postmodern world.

Like a triple-helix strand of some advanced form of DNA, their careers have remained irrevocably intertwined. They go together, like Diz, Bird, and Monk… or like Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg… or like the Beatles, the Stones, and the Who.

Taken individually, their professional histories provide an incomplete picture of the British Invasion, but together they redefined the concept of what it means to be a comic book writer.
Collectively, their story becomes the story of mainstream comics in the modern era. It’s the story you’re about to read. From Sequart Organization.

Elektra by Peter Milligan, Larry Hama & Mike Deodato Jr. – The Complete Collection

Join the deadly Elektra on the path to redemption!

Her fateful first step will lead to the ultimate grudge match with the man who murdered her: the lethal marksman Bullseye!

But when an ancient threat known as the Architect engineers a life-and-death competition, an army of assassins make their way to New York. It’s kill or be killed in a winner-take-all contest that draws in Killer Shrike, Razor-Fist, Whiplash, Taskmaster and more! Can Elektra stop the madness — or will she take first prize?

Doctor Strange lends a mystic hand in a sai-and-sorcery epic!
Plus: The fates of Elektra and Daredevil intertwine in the past and present, the American Samurai strikes, and Elektra wages war on the Hand in Japan!
Wolverine, Shang-Chi and the Kingpin all feature in Elektra’s bid to build a new life!

Punisher & Bullseye – Deadliest Hits

Two tales of crime and punishment, featuring Marvel’s most lethal marksmen!

First, the trial of the century begins when the Punisher surrenders to police and admits to murdering a district attorney! As Frank Castle faces justice, and Matt Murdock becomes a witness for the prosecution, is this the end of the Punisher’s war on crime?

Then: For a year, Bullseye vanished without a trace. Funny thing is, he was hiding in plain sight on the ball field, throwing heat that could take off a man’s head. Every man needs a challenge, a moment when he looks deep inside and sees what he’s made of. Bullseye’s next pitch is one for the history books!
Plus: a brutal Bullseye vs. Daredevil fight!

Warren Ellis: Karnak – The Flaw in All Things

“My curse is that I see the flaw in all things. Systems. Philosophies. Structures. People. Everything. Never forget who I am.”

He is Karnak of the Inhumans, and you will know his name. And when Phil Coulson seeks him out to consult on a S.H.I.E.L.D. case with Inhuman implications, what Karnak finds will terrify you.
Can even he go it alone against an entire warehouse full of enemy agents?
And when a death cult abducts an Inhuman child and installs him as its messiah, will Magister Karnak of the Tower of Wisdom rescue the boy…or join the cult and help bring on the apocalypse?
Karnak is the calm amid the storm, and he has the fate of humanity in his lethal hands. Will he save it, or end it?

Holly Black & Lee Garbett: Lucifer 2 – Father Lucifer

After being wrongfully accused of deicide by his angelic brethren, the Prince of Hell undertook an epic quest through the cosmos to clear his name. Now he wants nothing more than to retire to his Los Angeles club, Ex Lux, and drown the world’s sorrows one drink at a time.

With the throne of Heaven still vacant, archangels are turning on each other in an effort to seize their absent Father’s crown. And since the Lightbringer has no desire to revisit his former kingdom, a vicious power struggle has erupted in the infernal realm, as well.

Caught between chaos above and below, Earth has never been more vulnerable. In order to keep his terrestrial retreat safe from collateral damage, Lucifer must reluctantly rejoin the fight for control over Creation. But as the battle rages, the aftershocks from his Father’s demise are growing strongersh and making it clear that some fates really are worse than death.

Jim Zub & Djibril Morissette-Phan: Glitterbomb 1 – Red Carpet

Farrah Durante is a middle-aged actress hunting for her next gig in an industry where youth trumps experience.

Her frustrations become an emotional lure for something horrifying out beyond the water…something ready to exact revenge on the shallow, celebrity-obsessed culture that’s led her astray.

Fan-favorite JIM ZUB (WAYWARD, Thunderbolts) and newcomer DJIBRIL MORISSETTE-PHAN (The Ultimates, All-New Wolverine) tear into the heart of Hollywood in GLITTERBOMB, a dramatic horror story about fame and failure. The entertainment industry feeds on our insecurities, desires, and fears. You can’t toy with those kinds of primal emotions without them biting back…

Haltijakäpälä: Feather & Scale

Feather & Scale is an accordion book graphic novel, and a study of nonlinear, cyclic storytelling.

Two creatures, Feather and Scale, leave their safe homesteads, meet each other and multiple possibilities open up: how do they react to each other and what happens to them?

Annika Kiiskilä: Istutukset

Vihreätukkaisen puppetyypin seikkailut postapokalyptiassa.





Kimmo Lust: Älphäpez

Erilainen ABC-kirja.





Ville Solkinen: Ruma

Tämä teos ei ole kaunis. Se ei ole viimeistelty. Ihme, jos se on edes hyvä. Tämä on poikkitaiteellinen tuotos tarkoituksenaan tuijottaa asioihin, jotka ovat rumia. Se on virunut pöytälaatikossa vuosia mutta nyt on sen aika syntyä ja jättää tekijänsä rauhaan.

Joten ole hyvä ja nauti (jos kykenet) tästä teoksesta. Se sisältää lyhyitä sarjakuvia, jotka aloittaa yli kymmenen vuotta sitten tehtyyn kuunnelman käsikirjoitukseen pohjautuva Lihan tanssi. Tästä seuraa annos runoja ja lyhyitä strippejä.

Brad Guigar & Chris Giarrusso: The Complete Tales from the Con

TALES FROM THE CON is an uproarious take on the world of comic books and conventions.

Fanboys, fangirls, cosplayers, retailers, volunteers, and pros collide on the convention floor (and beyond) to prove that comic conventions are one part festival, two parts group therapy.
Wrapping up a mega-successful run of over four years online, where it has entertained hundreds of thousands of fans, THE COMPLETE TALES FROM THE CON collects every single strip ever published online, along with some unpublished strips as well!
Collects the complete FOUR-plus-year run of TALES FROM THE CON strips along with bonus material.

Neil Gaiman’s Mr. Hero The Newmatic Man – The Complete Comics 2

Jennifer Hale’s life changed forever once she literally uncovered (in a crate at the museum) the ingenious steam and watchwork contrivance known as Mr. Hero.

She, herself, remains as full of life and humor as ever, and perhaps at first welcomed the exciting and weird adventures that came along with Mr. Hero, but now things are getting serious, and a lot darker and more dangerous.

Jennifer and Mr. Hero battle monsters, travel to a jungle world, and meet a female version of Mr. Hero. But ultimately, all roads load back to the nightmarish world of Kalighoul, the planet ruled by an insane, power-mad Teknophage!

Alejandro Jodorowsky & Nicolas Fructus: Showman Killer 2 – The Golden Child

In a moment of madness, the heartless Showman Killer has found himself responsible for a helpless infant, forced upon him by the mysterious Ibis.

The Showman Killer must unravel the mystery of the forces at work in the cosmos, and find out exactly why this child is so important.


Raina Telgemeier: Ghosts

Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Northern California because her little sister, Maya, is sick.

Cat isn’t happy about leaving her friends for Bahía de la Luna, but Maya has cystic fibrosis and will benefit from the cool, salty air that blows in from the sea.
As the girls explore their new home, a neighbor lets them in on a secret: There are ghosts in Bahía de la Luna. Maya is determined to meet one, but Cat wants nothing to do with them. As the time of year when ghosts reunite with their loved ones approaches, Cat must figure out how to put aside her fears for her sister’s sake — and her own.

Raina Telgemeier has masterfully created a moving and insightful story about the power of family and friendship, and how it gives us the courage to do what we never thought possible.

Gregg Schigiel: Pix 1 – One Weirdest Weekend

Make way for Pix, the teen superhero who believes herself a fairy (and princess, no less).

In her first original graphic novel, behold: attacking electronics, secret crushes, a magic 8-ball monster, cell service issues, a dragon war, a bad date, worried moms, a furtive frog, a malevolent monkey, all making for ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND!

Thrilling, energetic superhero action! Lively, funny teen dynamics! If Spider-Man were a Disney princess, you’d have Pix!

Shigeru Mizuki: Kitaro – Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon

Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon is the second volume in the adventures of Shigeru Mizuki’s bizarre yokai boy Kitaro and his gaggle of otherworldly friends.

These seven stories date from the golden age of Gegege no Kitaro, when Mizuki had perfected the balance of folklore, comedy, and horror that made Kitaro one of Japan’s most beloved characters.

In Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon, Kitaro and his father, Medama Oyaji, face off against one of their most powerful enemies–the self-styled Yokai Supreme Commander known as Nurarihyon.
Over the course of this volume, Kitaro takes on the swamp-dwelling Sawa Kozo, the mysterious Diamond Yokai, and the sea giant called Umizato, and wages a double feature of battles against the bizarre Odoro Odoro. Finally, Kitaro journeys to hell itself in the infamous and surreal story “Hell Ride.”

In addition to more than 150 pages of Mizuki’s all-ages monster fun, Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon includes bonus materials: “Yokai Files” that introduce Japan’s folklore monsters and a “History of Kitaro” essay by the translator Zack Davisson. If you found the world of yokai fascinating in The Birth of Kitaro, you will find even more to love in Kitaro Meets Nurarihyon!

Tom Gauld: Mooncop

The lunar colony is slowly winding down, like a small town circumvented by a new super highway.

As our hero, the Mooncop, makes his daily rounds, his beat grows ever smaller, the population dwindles. A young girl runs away, a dog breaks off his leash, an automaton wanders off from the Museum of the Moon.

Mooncop is equal parts funny and melancholy. capturing essential truths about humanity and making this a story of the past, present, and future, all in one.
Like his Guardian and New Scientist strips, as well as his previous graphic novel, Goliath, Mooncop is told with Tom Gauld’s distinctive, matter-of-fact storytelling and dry humor ― an approach that has earned him fans around the world.

Gabriel Hardman: The Belfry

When an airliner crashes in a remote jungle, everyone walks away unscathed only to find you can’t escape the lush, brutal world of the Belfry.

From Logan storyboard artist and Hugo Award-nominated writer/artist GABRIEL HARDMAN (INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, KINSKI, Star Wars Legacy), THE BELFRY is a self-contained one-shot that may just strip you of your humanity.


Tiskin alta #7

Tekijöinä: Janne Luokkanen, Esko Heikkilä, Annamari Kinnunen, Ilkka Martti Kivelä, Juho Sihvonen.





Kuti #43

Uudistunut Kuti ilmaiseksi tilauksen mukaan!

Mukana tässä numerossa: Valentine Gallardo (BE), Zane Zlemesa (LAT), Leo Kuikka (FI), Reijo Kärkkäinen (FI), Leena Romu (FI), Heikki Rönkkö (FI), Katja Ronkanen (FI), Karstein Volle (NO/FI), Jelle Kindt (NL), Max Baitinger (DE), Katri Sipiläinen (FI). Kansi: Pauliina Mäkelä.

Päätoimittaja: Tuomas Tiainen

Kuvittaja 2017-01

Vuoden ensimmäinen Kuvittaja on ilmestynyt!

Päähenkilönä upea Janine Rewell.
Esittelemme lehden uuden päätoimittajan, Kuvittajat ry:n varapuheenjohtaja Minna Ainoan.
Ihastelemme pariisilaisen Aline Zalkon psykedeelisiä puuvärikuvituksia ja suomalaisia vintage-matkajulisteita.

Arviopalstalla tarkastelemme kiusaamisen käsittelyä tuoreissa lastenkirjoissa.
Mukana myös Samuli Siirala, Ilja Karsikas ja Christer Nuutinen.
Mukavia lukuhetkiä!

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Sarjakuvavisa 12/2017

Tämä on jokaviikkoinen sarjakuvavisa.
Oletko naapurustosi Marvel-tosiuskovainen, mangamaanikko, DC-fanittaja tai muuten vaan tiedät kaiken?
Testaa itsesi!

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Sarjakuvavisa 11/2017

Tämä on jokaviikkoinen sarjakuvavisa.
Oletko naapurustosi Marvel-tosiuskovainen, mangamaanikko, DC-fanittaja tai muuten vaan tiedät kaiken?
Testaa itsesi!

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Turun Sarjakuvakaupan uutuuksia viikolla 10/2017

P.A. Manninen: Kapteeni Kuolio ja Hervannan hiisi

Hervanta, kuuluisa Tamperelainen kaupunginosa on rakennettu myyttiseen metsään, josta alkaa ilmaantua karvaisia jättiläisiä ihmisten ilmoille.

Muualla maailmassa nämä otukset olisivat isojalkoja tai lumimiehiä, mutta Suomessa ei sellaisia ole koskaan tavattu – paitsi että on. Meillä niiden perinnenimi on hiisi.

Tampereen oma supersankari Kapteeni Kuolio joutuu hyvän ystävänsä Kapteeni Kökön kanssa sankarilliselle matkalle Hikivuorelle ja Hervantaan. Mukana on myös hiidenmetsästäjä, joka pukeutuu sangen huolestuttavalla tavalla.

Sarjakuva on kuvattu aidoilla tapahtumapaikoilla ja perustuu tositapahtumiin.

Charles Burns: Last Look

A true graphic milestone: the epic trilogy that began with X’ed Out, continued in The Hive, and concluded in Sugar Skull—now in one volume.

The long strange trip of Doug in all its mind-bending, heartbreaking totality.
The fragments of the past collide with the reality of the present, nightmarish dreams evolve into an even more dreadful reality, and when you finally find out where all of this has been going, and what it means . . . it will make you go right back to the first page and read it all again with new eyes. Just like Doug.

Rick Remender & Jerome Opeña: Seven to Eternity 1

The God of Whispers has spread an omnipresent paranoia to every corner of the kingdom of Zhal; his spies hide in every hall spreading mistrust and fear.

Adam Osidis, a dying knight from a disgraced house, must choose between joining a hopeless band of magic users in their desperate bid to free their world of the evil God, or accepting his promise to give Adam everything his heart desires.

Writer RICK REMENDER reteams with collaborators JEROME OPEÑA (Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent) and MATT HOLLINGSWORTH (TOKYO GHOST, WYTCHES) to take you on a hard road through the strange fantasy world of Zhal.
All men have surrendered their freedom for fear, and now one last free man must choose.

Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Boyfriend

My Monster Boyfriend is an erotic comics anthology unlike any other.

220 pages of cute monster boys. Robots, demons, aliens and spirits, with their human and not-so-human lovers, in ten incredible stories by comics’ best and brightest.

Hold on.
It’s about to get weird.

Franz Kafka & Kristian Huitula: Linna – sarjakuvaromaani osa 2/2

Maanmittari K on saapunut kaukaiseen vuoristokylään, jonne hänet on palkattu työskentelemään kylää valvovan linnan alaisuudessa.
K kuitenkin kohtaa ylitsepääsemättömältä tuntuvia esteitä yrittäessään löytää tiensä linnaan. Kylässä hän tutustuu henkilöihin joiden avulla uskoo pääsevänsä määränpäähänsä, ja menneisyyden tapahtumiin liittyvä salaperäisyyksien vyyhti alkaa hiljalleen keriytyä auki…

Kristian Huitulan sarjakuvasovitus kertoo Franz Kafkan klassikkoteoksen koko tarinan. Sarjakuvaromaanin jälkimmäinen osa päättää Kafkan kolmannen, viimeiseksi jääneen romaanin kertomuksen.

James Robinson: Scarlet Witch 2 – World of Witchcraft

Wanda Maximoff ‘s magical mystery tour continues!

On the streets of Paris, she will find the broken hearted hero Le Peregrine. Can Wanda mend his broken wings and help him soar again? She’ll risk life and limb to try!
Next stop, Hong Kong, where an ancient warlock named the Dark Tongi has taken a powerful hold. Wanda must seek the help of a young witch, known as the Wu – but she has her own battle to fight!

The former Avenger’s personal journey gets reflective as she explores her early memories and attempts to reconcile the sins of her past, but it’s time for a family reunion with her twin brother Pietro! He seeks her aid in the superhuman Civil War…but what happens when the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are on opposing sides?

Howard Mackie & John Romita Jr.: Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher – Hearts of Darkness

Three of Marvel’s most hardcore heroes take on Blackheart, demonic son of Mephisto!

When Danny Ketch, Logan and Frank Castle are lured to the Mid-West town of Christ’s Crown, they are offered a devilish deal: kill the king of hell, and the answers to secrets that plague them will be revealed!
But with the life of a local girl in the balance, can Ghost Rider, Wolverine and the Punisher resist Blackheart’s pact? As the demon’s design unfolds, and his deadly Corrupt overrun the town, all hope lies with the vigilante trio. Will they be overcome by the darkness in their hearts, or will it prove to be their greatest source of strength?

Collects Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness OGN, Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: The Dark Design #1

Paul Levitz & Sonny Liew: Doctor Fate 2 – Prisoners of the Past

Gifted with the power of Nabu, armed with the Helmet of Fate, Egyptian-American medical student Khalid Nassour is getting a crash course in the ways of the world beyond.

Unfortunately, our world’s a big enough mess as it is.

As Khalid struggles to reconcile everything he thought he knew about life and faith with the angels, demons, gods and monsters facing him at every turn, the people of his ancestral homeland face monsters of their own.
So when protests against the police state turn violent outside the Egyptian consulate in New York, it’s Khalid’s fate to investigate.

What he discovers is a dictatorship much older—and potentially deadlier—than the one the protesters face. The spirit of none other than Julius Caesar himself has risen again, and he’s determined to finish what he started and conquer Egypt for good.

Stopping Caesar will take everything the new Doctor Fate knows about space and time, magic and history. And it may bring a former Fate out of retirement in the bargain…

Jim Woodring: Weathercraft

Weathercraft is acclaimed cartoonist and painter Jim Woodring s first full-length graphic novel (and first of a graphic novel trilogy, all to be re-released by Fantagraphics).

Weathercraft stars Manhog, who, after 32 pages of almost incomprehensible suffering, embarks upon a transformative journey and attains enlightenment.
He wants to go to celestial realms but instead altruistically returns to the Unifactor to undo a wrong he has inadvertently brought about: The transformation of the evil politician Whim into a mind-destroying plant-demon who distorts and enslaves Frank and his friends.

The new and metaphysically expanded Manhog sets out for a final battle with Whim…

Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan: Demo

It’s hard enough being a teenager.

Now try being a teenager with powers.

Demo chronicles the lives of young people who are on their separate journeys to self-discovery in a world—just like our own—where being different is feared.

Collects volumes 1 and 2 of the indie classic Demo.

Jim Lee & Scott Williams: Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday

Max Faraday was an ordinary college student who spent all his time on the Internet — until the day he accidentally downloaded the Creation Equation.

Suddenly able to access to the limitless powers of the universe itself, this part-time pizza delivery boy instantly found himself the target of a secret government agency, the Coda Sisterhood, and the immoral Cardinal Lazarus.

Now, aided by a band of warriors sworn to protect the formula, Max, his sister, and his best friend must stay one step ahead of the deadly assassins, ancient warriors and horrific demons that are hunting them down. But when his actions begin to wreak havoc across the globe, Max turns from messiah to megalomaniac. With the universe”s fate hanging in the balance, the heroes of the world must unite against the power-crazed Max.

Joshua Dysart & Pop Mhan: DC Comics Presents – The Demon Driven Out

In this 6-issue epic from 2003, Jason Blood cuts a deal with a cult of modern-day alchemists to divorce him from The Demon for good… but the ceremony goes horribly wrong!

In a fiery car crash, The Demon crosses paths with a young, troubled street racer.
To tame The Demon and stop a Yakuza war, she’ll need the help of Jason Blood!

Mike W. Barr & Jim Aparo: Batman and the Outsiders 1

For years, the Batman has waged war on crime.

Whether patrolling the streets of Gotham City or battling evil worldwide with the Justice League, he will face any foe, no matter the cost.

But wars have a way of spreading.
And when a deadly conflict abroad hits close to home, the Dark Knight must abandon his old allies and form a new force for justice-a team of heroes who aren’t afraid to operate outside the rules.

Black Lightning.
Some are experienced combatants who’ve been driven to the fringes of the metahuman community. Others are new to their powers-and the danger that comes with them. But together, under the shadow of the Bat, they will redefine what it means to be a superhero team…

Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson: Astro City – Confession

Astro City, after dark: What becomes of the world of wonders—of noble heroes and sinister villains—once the sun retreats?

Walk the night streets of Astro City to discover the secrets of the reclusive Confessor—and face a crisis that could destroy the city and everyone in it.

After leaving his rural home and working his way into the superhero scene as a busboy and waiter, Brian Kinney attracts the attention of Astro City’s vigilante, Confessor.
Dubbed “Altar Boy,” Brian becomes the Confessor’s sidekick just in time to witness Astro City suffer under the looming threat of a serial killer on the loose.
As shadows approach and the city’s leaders move to ban superheroes altogether, Brian is forced to question the actions of his mentor. Will their partnership be doomed before it can even begin?

Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson: Astro City – Private Lives

Behind the masks.

In Astro City, ordinary people walk side by side with heroes, villains, monsters and more.

Acclaimed creators Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross invite you to step behind the headlines, beyond the adventures, and experience a world of heroes in a whole new way: up close and personal.
Take a walk into the private lives that create public wonders, and see it all for yourself.

Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson: Astro City – Through Open Doors

Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson launch their next epic in the world of Astro City when a mysterious door appears, heralding the arrival of the Ambassador.

But when an ordinary man is caught in a cosmic conflict, it is up to favorites like Samaritan and Honor Guard, as well as new heroes, to rise to the occasion and save the world!


Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson: Astro City – Victory

When criminal charges are brought against Winged Victory, the Confessor must investigate and it leads to open combat with Samaritan!

Can Astro City’s three greatest heroes find a way to work together against this mystery threat?



Chris Roberson & Shawn McManus: Cinderella – From Fabletown with Love

When supernatural artifacts from the Homelands begin surfacing in the modern world, it falls to Cinderella, Fabletown’s best kept (and best dressed) secret agent to stop the illegal trafficking.

But can Cindy foil the dark plot before Fabletown and its hidden, exiled inhabitants are exposed once and for all? And how does her long lost Fairy Godmother factor into the equation?

Whether she’s soaring through clouds, deep-sea diving, or cracking jaws, Cindy travels from Manhattan to Dubai and hooks up with a handsome, familiar accomplice who may be harboring secret motives of his own.
Meanwhile, trouble brews back home in Fabletown when Cindy’s overworked, underappreciated assistant decides to seize control of The Glass Slipper, Cindy’s exclusive shoe boutique.

Chris Roberson & Shawn McManus: Cinderella – Fables Are Forever

Fabletown’s favorite secret agent and bon vivant Cinderella is back on the job again in this follow up limited series to CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE.

Someone is killing sorcerers out on the Farm, and all signs point to Cinderella’s archnemesis from the old days.
The only problem is, Cinderella has always believed that her nemesis has been dead for years.

Howard Chaykin & José Luis Garcia-López: Twilight

DC’s wide-eyed science fiction heroes, most of whom first appeared in the 1950s, are reimagined in this dark tale from writer Howard Chaykin and artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

Originally published in 1990, TWILIGHT tells the story of how one of the Star Rovers, Karel Sorenson, became a living god when caught in an explosion with a race of immortal creatures called Methuseloids.
It”s up to renegade hero Tommy Tomorrow to stop his former ally — but he ends up absorbing Sorenson’s power and becoming an all-powerful tyrant himself.
Also includes appearances by Star Hawkins, Manhunter 2070, Ironwolf, Space Ranger, Space Cabbie and other heroes.

Mike Carey & Peter Gross: The Unwritten – Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice

Tom Taylor has lived his life being mistaken for Tommy Taylor, the boy wizard from the world-famous series of novels penned by Tom’s long-lost father Wilson.

However, after a series of strange events start to parallel the lives of both Taylors–fictional and real–Tom realizes that he might be the character on page made flesh.

In this first-ever original graphic novel spinning off from the pages of the critically acclaimed THE UNWRITTEN series, writer Mike Carey explores the origins behind Tom’s mysterious powers and the odyssey his father has sent him on.

Teen Titans Go! – Party, Party!


Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy are the Teen Titans the coolest teenage superhero team in the universe!

Watch as they battle a pizza monster, a video game console that becomes alive, and a legion of incompetent super villains.

The Teen Titans are always getting into crazy hijinks like destroying a superhero themed mini golf course, becoming CEOs of a Silicon Valley startup company, playing a deadly game of go fish, making intergalactic prank phone calls, or throwing a girls only superhero slumber party.
Peter Hogan & Chris Sprouse: Tom Strong and the Planets of Peril

At last, it’s the return of Tom Strong–too bad he’s powerless!

The lives of his daughter Tesla and her unborn child both hang in the balance, and there’s nothing Tom can do to save them…until he remembers the one thing that just might.

To find it, he and Val Var Garm must journey to the far side of the galaxy, and the mysterious world known as…TERRA OBSCURA!

Mike Johnson & Stephen Molnar: Star Trek 1

The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue in this new story that picks up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off!

Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before!

With creative collaboration from STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this new series begins the countdown to the much-anticipated movie sequel premiering in 2012.

Roy Thomas: America vs. The Justice Society

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Years after his death, Batman’s diary is made public only to excuse his old teammates, the Justice Society of America, of being Nazi collaborators with Hitler himself.
Not wanting to fight their own country, the Justice Society surrender themselves to the law and now stand trial for crimes they did not commit.
Who is the mastermind behind framing the World’s Greatest Superheroes? And why would they tarnish their pillars of society?

Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg: Arrow 2

Spinning out of the hit CW television show, these digital-first chapters, written by show creators Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, fill in the gaps between the television show and the comics.

This volume explores the mystery of what really happened to Deadshot after his dramatic showdown with Oliver during season one of Arrow!


Mike Grell & Ed Hannigan: Green Arrow 2 – Here There Be Dragons

In these cult favorite stories from the 1980s, Green Arrow heads to Alaska to investigate a gang’s activities at the behest of the CIA, only to run afoul of the mysterious archer known as Shado.

The two are forced to work together to stay one step ahead of Yakuza killers while trying to learn who set them up.


Gerry Conway & Keith Giffen: Deadman 5

Deadman, the groundbreaking undead super hero driven to find his own murderer, returns in this fourth collection of his 1970s adventures.

Featuring appearances by Swamp Thing, the Challengers of the Unknown and more, this title finds Deadman continuing his quest to bring his killer to justice while battling occult menaces throughout the DC Universe.


Gerry Conway & José Luis Garcia-López: Cinder and Ashe

Cinder & Ashe are a team of private investigators hired to find a kidnapped girl–but as they travel across the U.S. on her trail, their own traumatic pasts come back to haunt them.

Ashe is a veteran of the Vietnam war, while Cinder is the daughter of another U.S. soldier and a native Vietnamese woman.


Peter Milligan & James Romberger: The Bronx Kill

Literary writer Martin Keane’s life takes a deadly turn when his wife suddenly disappears without a trace.

Martin Keane has a police officer father he can barely stand — and his latest book has received scathing reviews.
Then, just as Keane is starting on a new book he hopes will help him work through his family issues, Martin’s wife suddenly disappears without a trace.

And as people start to suspect that Martin might be responsible, he senses there’s more going on than meets the eye.
He’s sure there are clues to her abduction that he’s overlooking, ones which can perhaps be found in the novel he’s obsessively writing.
As Keane and his father investigate the disappearance, he’ll find the truth is much more shocking than he thought in a twist no one could ever see coming.

Shawn Kittelsen: Mortal Kombat X 1 – Blood Ties


For years, a tenuous peace has existed between the realms, time enough for old champions to fall and a new generation to rise. But peace can never last for long . . .

The Thunder God Raiden has seen visions of a great evil entering our world, one so powerful it could change the very face of the universe. The one hope to stop the sinister force lies in six ancient relics, mystical blades imbued with the Blood Magick of the One Being-the Kamidogu daggers.

But Raiden and his allies are not the only ones searching for the all-powerful weapons. Another has spent years acquiring each blade through cunning and guile. For not only can the Kamidogu daggers contain a god, they also have the power to create one . . .

Shawn Kittelsen: Mortal Kombat X 2 – Blood Gods

The quest for the Kamidogu daggers continues…fight!

Great changes are coming to Outworld and Earthrealm alike. Whether they seek to protect the worlds of gods and men or to rule them, Kombatants new and old are heading toward bloody conflict.

Hoping to thwart the coming evil, Raiden has conscripted Hanzo Hasashi-Scorpion-and his charge, Takeda Takahashi, to gather the mystical Kamidogu daggers. Their journey leads them to an old foe, who holds one of the powerful cursed weapons-Kuai Liang, the ninja known as Sub-Zero! With Sub-Zero corrupted by the Blood Magik of the dagger and Scorpion’s deadly thirst for vengeance, the two will lock in a Mortal Kombat for the ages!

Elsewhere, Kotal Kahn faces a challenge to his rule from the scorned tribe of the Shokan. King Gorbak is leading an army of Shokan and Oni warriors powerful enough to decimate the Emperor of Outworld.
Though Kahn refuses to unleash his Kamidogu’s Blood Magik again, he has an unlikely group of allies in the Earthrealmers Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. The pair only wishes to rescue their daughter from the clutches of Reiko, but first they’ll have to help Kahn protect his throne-which means an alliance with Kano and the Black Dragon!

Gail Simone & Freddie Williams II: The Movement 1 – Class Warfare

Coral City is infected by corruption and crime and its up to the citizens to fight back!

The Movement sees a young group of super-heroes rise up and take back the streets of their corrupt city.

But when one of their own is captured by the police, its Coral City’s finest against the citizens they have neglected to protect.

Gail Simone & Freddie Williams II: The Movement 2 – Fighting for the Future

Its the corrupt cops and politicians of Coral City vs a rag-tag group of young super powered vigilantes known as the Movement.

But after The Movement has been taken down, only the powerless Vengeance Moth is left to protect the streets from the Graveyard Faction!

Critically acclaimed writer Gail Simone concludes her run on this fascinating new series.

Smut Peddler 2012

Impeccable pornoglyphics for cultivated ladies (and men of exceptional taste!) by various hands.

Indie comics’ most sex-positive, lady-friendly, dirty little mini is back as a FULL-SIZED ANTHOLOGY!

Smut Peddler began life in 2003 as a digest-sized minicomic, published by Saucy Goose Press. It was an anthology of erotic comics, with contributions from some of the best and the brightest creators.

There were three issues, and they were AWESOME. But that was it. The third Smut Peddler mini was followes by a years-long publishing hiatus…

Until NOW.

C. Spike Trotman & Emilee Denich: Yes, Roya

Wylie Kogan is an aspiring artist, stumping for work in 1963 California.

When a fawning fan letter grants him access to his cartoonist hero, the wealthy and celebrated Joseph Ahlstrom, he’s quick to take advantage of a proffered portfolio review . . . but winds up learning more than he ever wanted to about Joe when he stumbles across some of his idol’s illicit fetish art.

His hasty, ill-considered theft of a drawing triggers a series of events he never planned on . . . most of which involve Joseph’s imposing and resolute partner, Roya.

Deadpool and the Secret Defenders

The Merc with a Mouth joins the non-team without a known lineup!

But can a talkative guy like Wade Wilson keep things hush-hush?
Following Deadpool through the ever-rotating door of the Secret Defenders are the Heroes for Hire and a future Guardian of the Galaxy!
Luke Cage is among the first recruits for new leader Doctor Druid, taking on the malevolent Malachi! But will he and Deadpool dig Cadaver, their newest ally?
Then, Iron Fist, Giant-Man, Iceman and Archangel will feel the sting of Swarm!
Spider-Woman, Venom and U.S.Agent enlist for a showdown with Slaymaker, while the mysterious Shadowoman transforms into Sepulchre!
Then, Dagger, Deathlok and Drax the Destroyer join the fun when the Secret Defenders battle…the Defenders?!
Is this the end for comics’ most surreptitious super group?

Cullen Bunn & Iban Coello: Deadpool & The Mercs for Money 1 – Mo’ Mercs, Mo’ Monkeys

Deadpool is one of the best mercenaries on the planet.

He may even be a passable Avenger -the jury’s still out.
But one thing’s for sure: he’s a terrible team leader. Example?

Wade Wilson has taken on a high-paying mission to take out radioactive super villains.
But his employees aren’t nearly as immune to radiation as he is.
Fingers crossed that Mercs for Money has a good medical plan! (But knowing Wade, it almost certainly does not.)
First target on the irradiated hit list: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. But defusing her won’t be easy – in fact it could be a very bad idea. And if the MfMs find her too hot to handle, wait ’til they take on Radioactive Man!

Deadpool’s got mo’ mercs, mo’ money and, naturally, mo’ problems!

Zack Kaplan & Giovanni Timpano: Eclipse 1

Imagine if sunlight burned you alive.

In the near future, a mysterious solar event has transformed the sun’s light into deadly immolating rays.

The world’s few survivors now live in nocturnal cities.
But a killer who uses sunlight to burn his victims emerges, and when he targets the daughter of a solar power mogul, it falls to a disillusioned solar engineer to protect her.

Will Eisner: Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative

Designed and outlined by Will Eisner before his death in 2005, this posthumous masterwork, the third and final book in the Will Eisner Instructional Series, finally reveals the secrets of Eisner’s own techniques and theories of movement, body mechanics, facial expressions, and posture: the key components of graphic storytelling.

From his earliest comics, including the celebrated Spirit, to his pioneering graphic novels, Eisner understood that the proper use of anatomy is crucial to effective storytelling.
His control over the mechanical and intuitive skills necessary for its application set him apart among comics artists, and his principles of body grammar have proven invaluable to legions of students in overcoming what is perhaps the most challenging aspect of creating comics.
Buttressed by dozens of illustrations, which display Eisner’s mastery of expression, both subtle and overt, Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative will benefit comics fans, students, and teachers and is destined to become the essential primer on the craft.

Wolverine – Prehistory

Fill in the gaps in Logan’s mysterious past in this collection of adventures set between his uncanny origin and his official debut!

Follow the man who will be Wolverine from the wild frontier to World War II, through Canada, Germany and Japan!
Ghost stories, espionage drama and bloody tales await! Revisit the days just after Weapon X, and uncover early encounters with Nick Fury, Carol Danvers, Ben Grimm, Cable and the Agents of Atlas!
Plus: Will Logan form the first mutant team, years before the X-Men?

Jon Morris: The League of Regrettable Superheroes

You know about Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, but have you heard of Doll Man, Doctor Hormone, or Spider Queen?

In The League of Regrettable Superheroes, you’ll meet one hundred of the strangest superheroes ever to see print, complete with backstories, vintage art, and colorful commentary.

So prepare yourself for such not-ready-for-prime-time heroes as Bee Man (Batman, but with bees), the Clown (circus-themed crimebuster), the Eye (a giant, floating eyeball; just accept it), and many other oddballs and oddities. Drawing on the entire history of the medium, The League of Regrettable Superheroes will appeal to die-hard comics fans, casual comics readers, and anyone who enjoys peering into the stranger corners of pop culture.

Noah Van Sciver: The Hypo – The Melancholic Young Lincoln

The debut graphic novel from Noah Van Sciver follows the twentysomething Abraham Lincoln as he loses everything, long before becoming our most beloved president.

Lincoln is a rising Whig in the state’s legislature as he arrives in Springfield, IL to practice law.
With all of his possessions under his arms in two saddlebags, he is quickly given a place to stay by a womanizing young bachelor who becomes his friend and close confidant.

Lincoln builds a life and begins friendships with the town’s top lawyers and politicians. He attends elegant dances and meets an independent-minded young woman from a high-society Kentucky family, and after a brisk courtship, becomes engaged.

But, as time passes and uncertainty creeps in, young Lincoln is forced to battle a dark cloud of depression brought on by a chain of defeats and failures culminating into a nervous breakdown that threatens his life and sanity. This cloud of dark depression Lincoln calls “The Hypo.”

Dense crosshatching and an attention to detail help bring together this completely original telling of a man driven by an irrepressible desire to pull himself up by his bootstraps, overcome all obstacles, and become the person he strives to be. All the while, unknowingly laying the foundation of character he would use as one of America’s greatest presidents.

Noah Van Sciver: Saint Cole

Saint Cole depicts four days in the life of a twenty-eight-year-old suburbanite named Joe who feels trapped working overtime at a pizza restaurant to support his girlfriend, Nicole, and their infant child.

Especially when Nicole invites her troubled mother, Angela, to move into their two-bedroom apartment until she lands on her feet again.
Joe reacts to this development by further retreating into alcohol. He thinks he loves Nicole but resents her at the same time. They probably wouldn’t still be with each other if she hadn’t become pregnant.

Joe wants out. He’s angry. He’s in a position to act rashly. And he does.

This sophomore graphic novel from Noah Van Sciver may seem like a left turn from his critically acclaimed debut graphic novel biography of Abraham Lincoln (The Hypo), yet upon closer reflection, it continues Van Sciver’s interest in pathos and the human condition.

Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos: Jessica Jones – Alias 1

Meet Jessica Jones.

Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero…but not a very good one.
Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe.

In a city of Marvels, Jessica Jones never found her niche. Now a chain-smoking, self-destructive alcoholic with a mean inferiority complex, Jones is the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations – a small, private-investigative firm specializing in superhuman cases.

When she uncovers the potentially explosive secret of one hero’s true identity, Jessica’s life immediately becomes expendable. But her wit, charm and intelligence just may help her survive through another day.

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